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Protein Chocolate Coconut Oats | Vegan Cycling Fuel



– [Host] This is a recipe of high protein porridge that tastes like chocolate coconut, and it's quite delicious; oh, and it's vegan This is the next in the series of GCN nutrition videos, where we make healthy breakfast taste delicious, and it's super easy

(whimsical music) The ingredients for this recipe are super simple All you need is a tin of low-fat coconut milk, some quick-cooking oats, some vegan protein powder, now we've got a chocolate flavor, but you might prefer vanilla Plain protein powder doesn't taste great, but it works Some cocoa, a tiny bit of salt, and some optional toppings that we'll talk about later Method-wise, this recipe does not get much simpler

Just bang it all, in a pan, and heat it up (whimsical music) Really is as simple as that, just pop it all in the saucepan give it a stir, and then we're ready to cook it (whimsical music) So you just want to heat your porridge very gently, on the hob, or even in a microwave, but be careful in a microwave not to boil it, for five minutes; don't heat it too much because it could curdle the coconut milk If your mixture is very thick to start with, as mine was, that might be because your coconut milk is really thick In that case, just add a little bit of water to thin it out

And yeah, just heat it until it thickens up through cooking (whimsical music) Once you've heated your chocolate porridge, gently for five minutes, it should have thickened up a bit, and then you're ready to decant it into two bowls, because this is porridge for sharing, if you can bear to (easy piano music) Now you might want to sweeten your chocolate porridge with a little bit of muscovado sugar, or agave nectar, or, if you're not vegan, you can just use honey, because it is not very sweet It's got no added sugar at all, just the sweetness from the protein powder and the coconut milk (light jazz music) Now this is perfectly delicious on its own, but you can make it look pretty fancy and taste even better with some special toppings

So, you could use just 10 grams of vegan dark chocolate, grated on top (grating sound) Or, alternatively, you can use cocoa nibs (light jazz music) For a little extra decoration and extra coconut flavor, just sprinkle half a tablespoon of shredded coconut on top Makes it look a bit fancy (light jazz music) Awesome, tasting time

Maybe I don't need both portions (jazz music) I am actually gonna struggle to share this with anyone Anyway, you can find all the nutritional values for this recipe down here Let us know what you thought of it If you liked it, give us a thumbs up, and you might like to check out some of the other recipes in this series, which are banoffee pie overnight oats and carrot cake porridge

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