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Melaleuca is a creamy and crunchy dough Suitable for all crispy baked goods Whether you want to be salty or sweet First, I will demonstrate the folding technique of a real French meringue

The French practice I want to demonstrate now Divided into two parts Cream dough and flour dough I will start with a creamy group This is an oversized cream Will be folded in layers by the flour Here are 3 cups of unsalted cream Then I add 1 cup of flour This will make it easier for you to start the cream when you start to knead the dough Maybe it’s amazing amount of cream But this is the layer of meringue that is used in many recipe recipes This is it In fact, the consistency of this cream has not changed But because it is too soft now So we have to refrigerate it This way, there is a way to smoothly break into the dough

Now you have to refrigerate it to a level close to hard So it takes about 2 hours Now comes to the second step of French Melaleuca That is flour dough This is the bracket for the whole pastry dough I start with 4 cups of medium flour Then 1 cup of cold water Then a little bit of sugar 1 tablespoon 2 tsp of salt Then a very important material is

1 tablespoon of lemon juice Now let me put down the hook Because I really want to lick the dough well Now I can join the last material Of course~ not like the creamy group needs so much cream But 1/2 cup and 1 tablespoon To use it that has softened at room temperature It takes about 4 minutes to knead the dough well The glutinous dough has become a sticky dough

Then I want to shape it into a 8 inch square Then give it at least 1 hour of relaxation I have a cold and relaxing The practice of this layer of meringue is French practice You have separate hands Cream mass And flour dough The new thinking that is now popular among pastry chefs is

First open the cream Then put the flour dough in the middle Make a more even and layered meringue Then I have to open it straight About 20 inches long This is the first fold snore! That's why you need a large rolling pin on the sides of the grip This time is really a bit of work Pry the dough to make sure it is not stuck on the countertop Then I will make a three fold First fold 1/3 up Brush off excess flour On the other side, fold it up again

This is the first three fold Usually you can do up to 2 such three folds Without destroying the dough That's all Brush off excess flour Then do the same three folds My glutinous dough has reached the top Need to let it relax After each split At least let the pastry dough chill for more than 2 hours Let the cream have enough time to shape So put it back in the fridge again In fact, it’s really just repeating such a simple action Now you have to straighten and fold like the previous two Just just do it once this time

And after the operation is completed At least refrigerated for more than 2 hours Then this is the finished layer of meringue Feel free to open the production at any time I mean of course, after 2 hours of cold storage Now I really want to let you see this result first This is why it is worthwhile for us to spend time making it You look so thin and the cream is thin and the layers overlap

You can bake at any time with a certain crispy

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