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Hello friends making puff pastry today Flour 225g,100 ml chilled water,1 tsp salt,butter 160g Sift flour Add salt in flour 100 ml water to knead dough I knead it Cover it n let it rest for half an hour Roll dough into long rectangle Dust flour n keep rolling Divide butter into three parts Apply butter on 2/3 rd portion Distribute butter evenly Fold like this called book folding Keep it in freezer for 20-30 mins in cling film or in plastic bag, So butter becomes firm n stable Aftr 30 mins of freezer Take out n roll in to long rectangles n same method repeat again n apply butter on 2/3rd U can keep dough into wet cloth in freezer too Roll with smooth hands Do this step three time n apply butter on 2/3 rd portion Fold like this Again cover it n keep in freezer After three steps of book folding of butter applied completly 160g, now iam performing fourth folding this is called bling folding wothout butter make layers by folding Knead it as long like rectangle Dust flour n keep on rolling Fold in same way like this n do three time this step but without butter now, Keep in freezer again keep in mind three steps with butter n three steps with out butter ,fold n keep in freezer same way aftr every 30 mins of freezer Kept in freezer, taking out aftr 30 mins Puff pastry is ready ,make biscuits,cream rolld,elephant ears etc with this sheet Thnku for watching plz subscribe Hit like button

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