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Puff Pastry Mini Pizzas | One Pot Chef


[UltraVid id=141 ]today I’m going to show you something called an emergency standby recipe now here’s the scenario you’ve got friends who’ve just unexpectedly turned up and they want something hot to eat but you weren’t actually intending to have people round what are you going to do the other scenario is you’ve got friends coming round for a dinner party they’re do around in about half an hour and suddenly something catastrophic happens in the kitchen and one of your dishes is ruined with only a handful of ingredients I’m going to show you how to make a fantastic replacement emergency dish that is so tasty people won’t believe that it was made out of such simple ingredients it’s easy mini pizzas today on the one pot chef on the chopping block today we have one sheet of ready rolled frozen puff pastry now if you don’t have puff pastry if you’ve got shortcrust pastry in the fridge or the freezer feel free to use that it works just as well I like the puff pastry because it makes that lovely golden flaky bits on the edges now all we need to do is put it onto the counter and allow to defrost for a couple of minutes so it’s nice and soft now all we need to do is using a sharp knife we’re going to divide it into quarters so we’ll make four mini pizzas out of this now of course if you are wanting to make this into little bite-sized pieces like if you’re doing a platter for a party you’re more than welcome to make them into smaller pieces you can divide it into another four pieces each and so you’ll get 16 mini pizzas out of it little bite-size ones so there we go we’ve divided that into four pieces now we’re just going to transfer them to a tray now we’ve got these individual pieces on the tray we’re going to add our pizza sauce now I’ve just using some pre-made pizza sauce in a squeezy bottle but if you don’t have pre-made sauce you can use a jar of spaghetti sauce you can use tomato ketchup tomato pays even barbecue sauce goes well with this so just a little squirt on each and we’re just with the back of a spoon spread it out leaving about a 1 centimeter or half inch gap around all the edges everybody’s favorite bit the toppings that go on the pizza now of course what toppings you choose to put on is entirely up to what you have in the fridge in what your personal toaster today I am adding some shredded ham which I just happen to have in the fridge and so basically just put a small amount on don’t try to overload it because these are small and especially if you’re doing the smaller sized pizzas like if you’re doing a little snack sized ones because otherwise they’ll be very difficult to eat if they’re really sort of big and overloaded I’m also going to add some pepperoni which I just happen to have sliced in the fridge too so two pieces on each sounds good and of course some lovely grater tasty cheese now again don’t go too crazy with how much cheese you put onto it you really only want a small amount on these just enough to coat the top you don’t need to go crazy now of course you can choose whatever cheese you like you could put a couple of different cheeses on there you could put all sorts of combinations I mean you can doing a vegetarian option you could do onions you could do spinach you can put a little bit of feta cheese on there so give it a calcium in it and the options are pretty much limitless so there we go just a little bit of cheese on edge and they just have to go into the oven 200 degrees Celsius for about 15 to 20 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the pastry is puffed up and then we will have our delicious mini pizzas and here they are our fresh mini pizzas straight out of the oven these are absolutely incredible the smell of that tomato sauce the pepperoni the cheese are absolutely fantastic and can you believe how simple these are to make with such basic ingredients so you have to try this try it with your favorite toppings you will absolutely love it I guarantee it well I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe check out my other videos at one-pot chef show calm and until next time see you later

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