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Pulled BBQ Jackfruit (Vegan pulled pork)



– Hey everyone, it's Barry here Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen

I hope you are well Today, as determined by a Twitter poll, we are making some pulled pork burgers, but using jackfruit Yes, it's another video from my vegan/veggie playlist So, if you want some more ideas, there's a link up here and down below in the video So, get some inspiration

But, this is a packet of jackfruit So, you can get it the supermarkets, in brine, and water, and all stuffs, sometimes in tins This is just one packet that I've got here, original jackfruit pieces, sterilised And, it's basically, I have not, I've never even tried it before I know it comes from like a really super crazy, spiky fruit

A little bit looking like a durian But, the texture of the fruit can resemble meat, and particularly pulled pork Can kinda see it a little bit in the packet there anyway, what it's like So, I'm actually really intrigued for this So, we'll make our vegan pulled pork burger, with homemade coleslaw, and barbecue sauce too

Let's get cracking with the coleslaw first Remember, all the ingredients are on myvirginkitchencom, which is actually just about to be revamped Oh, and in the month of September, I'm mulling over giving you guys control of the channel Basically what determine whatever request the recipe is in the comments, bearing in mind that I can actually physically do it, I will do the most voted ones

So, let me know what you think of that, could be quite fun Our vegan coleslaw's gonna have olive oil in it, and some mustard for some tang We've got some carrots, white cabbage, red cabbage, and parsley So, I'm just gonna finely chop them up We're gonna put in only a quarter of the cabbage, and I'm gonna julienne the carrots

(crunching) (scraping) (crunching) All right, so if you just sort of blend it all together with your fingers Already we've got like four really cool, strong, vibrant colours, the purple, the white, the orange and the green I'm gonna push all of this into a mixing bowl All right, now that, nice super vibrant colour If there's any bits of cabbage, you know, it should just fall apart anyway

You can just sort of break up with your fingers But, we're now gonna really flavour this So, this is one, two, three, four tablespoons, bit more for luck, apple cider vinegar I saw that in a TV show the other day, someone actually did that, and I was like, yeah I wanna try that One, two, three, four

I think it's worked (grinding) Bit of salt Bit of pepper I don't trust myself with this one This is eight tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

So, it's like a mayo-free coleslaw You can always get the vegan mayo if you wanna use that Now, I wanted to use whole grain mustard, but we don't have any in the house So, we've got some Dijon This is four teaspoons of that, obviously tweak it to your liking

But, it's gonna give it a nice little tang And then, we just take our wooden spoon, and basically lubricate all those vegetables Get the oil and the mustard all covering it, and the vinegar soaking in there It's kind of sort of partially pickling it It's gonna be a real nice contrast to the tangy barbecue sauce

I really like these colours, I don't know why Nice So, I'm gonna just keep this in the fridge for the time being Whilst the cole slaw's in the fridge, let's have a look at the jackfruit Apparently it can come quite chunky, in pieces like this

Let's get it in this dish Okay, I just smelled it, and I don't know why but I'm envisioning this, it's gonna smell like cat food But, it doesn't This is actual jackfruit And, I've seen like other recipes online, we could use this to make like imitation crab cakes and things like that

You can see with that real texture in there I don't know what that is I feel it'd be more authentic if I do try and rip it like this (clinking) That is a little butch actually, yeah, forks don't really work So, let's try the masher

Yeah, there we go Yeah, that's actually working really, really well And, it kind of reminds me a bit more of like tuna, or something like that All right, so let's make the barbecue sauce This is 400 grammes of ketchup

Little shimmy of smoked paprika I love paprika Say a shimmy like a teaspoon This is some sriracha So, about two shots of that, give it heat

This is some special Worcestershire sauce that I bought, very nice And one, two tablespoons of brown sugar Just give it a little whisk together All right, and then we'll just warm it up Oh, and in other news, our jackfruit, I totally found another packet that I bought last week that I forgot about (laughing)

So, we've got loads now Bit of olive oil again And, push in our jackfruit I'm genuinely excited for this Everyone raves about how authentic it tastes

So, here we go We just need to cook it off first So, I'm gonna keep stirring this and warming it through And, in fact, with the spatula, as I'm warming it, you can break down any bigger chunks still, as well (sizzling) And then, we'll warm up the barbecue sauce as well

Awesome This is going well So, just while that is warming through, if you're not already following me on Instagram @myvirginkitchen, I do loads of behind the scenes stories, and take cool pictures like this Thank you to YvankaA, who's my latest follower

Cheers then All right, beautiful I've gotta say, right now, it is starting to smell a little more fruity than anything But, our warmed up barbecue sauce is now gonna drench it All right, and hopefully, as we stir this through and warm it up together for another couple of minutes

This would be great in a slow cooker as well You can see how, to me, that is starting, all of a sudden, to look like pulled pork So, let's really warm it, as I say, bring those flavours together And, we're pretty much done All right, so this is nice and warm through now

Visually, right now, I am actually very convinced But, what's it gonna taste like? Oh my gosh Yes You gotta say, that looks pretty darn realistic Just piling that on there

Oh my gosh That coleslaw's going right on there Ah Check that out, that's huge And, if I just set the lid down on top, gently like that

Oh, shiver me timbers Look at this beast I am so happy with that Obviously it all comes down to taste Remember this is gonna be a quite a strong kick

Barbecue sauce, you can omit the sriracha, or just use a store bought one if you want It's gonna be messy Oh wow Just give me a minute I've gotta be honest, despite the sensation of a small splodge of that just falling on my leg, it was actually phenomenally good

The texture is there, the taste, you can't even tell that is not pork I think it's the flavour in the coleslaw, as well as the sauce, that just merges together that classic combo Genuinely, I think you should try this If you have a bit like that individually, you can actually taste the texture difference a little bit more, it's a little bit softer Which, to me, isn't a bad thing

But, you still get that chewiness I'm not trying to make you guys become vegan, or vegetarian, I'm not myself either But, I'm just trying to open my eyes to trying new food And, I hope this playlist does inspire you to give it a go If you do, as always, no matter what recipe it is, (clicking) send me a picture @myvirginkitchen, let me know how you get on

And, I'll see you again, next time Boom

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