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Pupusa Recipe with a Sweet Twist



Chef Buck Jr here and we're cooking up some chocolate pupusas those look fantastic Oh yep they are boo boo sauce first thing we're gonna pour some corn flour into a bowl no that's seasoned up our flour the luster went in and don't be shy now we're gonna add some brown sugar how much you got there about a tablespoon now we're gonna mix it super well bring out a little bit of warm water not too much and we can always add a little more if we need it now we'll add a little bit more water and if you put too much water that's okay we'll just add some more flour all right so you're gonna dry it up a little bit with more flour huh a little more flour and never hurt it mash up into a big ball all right so you're cleaning your bowl with your ball huh you didn't up all the little excess pieces looks like you got a good dough consistency there yeah since we're makin two pieces we're gonna make two balls all righty so you want to even size balls yep to pupusas is that gonna be enough cuz there's three of us who's the odd man out duh-duh-duh now we're gonna flatten it out all right so you're trying to spread it out and make it thin yeah just don't lick right yeah oh well if it gets too dry you can just add a little bit more water to it well yeah once you're getting flattened out we'll spread some peanut butter on it all righty is that a chunky peanut butter yes good I like it chunky plus the nuts are gonna add a nice texture yeah they do now we're gonna add our filling in you can use marshmallows but in this video we're just going to use chocolate and our Scotch strips and you're not gonna put too many are you yeah a good amount but we don't want to over stuff him I mean last time we made a my over stuff demand wasn't pretty yeah hold on you're agreeing that they weren't pretty I have a Greece yeah now go ahead and close it up into a ball make like an egg shape with your chips on the inside now roll it up and press it out into a dish good disk size so how big is this gonna be what if it leaks out a little bit I see it's cracking right there it doesn't really matter too much like just try and fill it in oh you're just squeezing it back together huh yeah all righty my mouth starting to water already so you got one down this balls a little dry you're gonna wet it up a little bit okay so this is the number two one huh yeah they just put a little water on your fingers and balled it up again yep oh you're gonna go whole hog and put some more water in there huh who's that a little more water in there just in case we need it get it all soaked up spread it out into a perfect disc oh that one looks perfect Oh time to do the peanut butter egg in currency all the way baby heavy on the chips this time case I get a bite looking good yeah this one we're gonna go pretty heavy on the chips we're gonna ball it up like an egg you look like you got a pretty good system there it's a little filled up um yeah yeah I have too much stuff in this one all right it looks like you took care of that problem yep don't need all that stuff and dude yeah now we just pack it up roll it in that egg shape again now to smash the poussez now we've got two ready let's go get our skillet heat it up it's still time so what are you gonna put your stove on well let's just put on like a medium low all right what kind of wall are you gonna use classic yes maybe good you don't need a lot of oil for pupusas first so we're gonna give this a minute to heat up yep now when sure pupusas are been ready and your spouse nice and hot there's carefully place the pieces in the pan and get them all away all righty and how long are they gonna cook for about two minutes on each side all righty well let's go do some push-ups while they could never use a stove without parental supervision cuz we're on were kids only you can prevent wildfires booster one time I used the stove without my parent's permission and they took away my tablet whoa all righty it's been about two minutes now time to do the good old flip flip all righty looks like you're an expert boom this looks pretty good you got a nice little bit of color on there remember cook them near the middle it so we try to the fire about two minutes more then we get to enjoy them all right it's been too much so I'm gonna get him up scoot all righty you turning it off good job yep now we're gonna slice up some bling now we're gonna use a showery for some garnish so just day out the leafy greens or you can just cut it off at least like a pretty sharp knife chef's bug Junior it is also never use a knife without parental supervision once I got my finger off and I fairest her boy and I tablet for a month Wayne never creamy sauce for he's Greek yogurt and maple syrup about two big hoop to use that's a lot of Greek yogurt yeah well it's a good sauce all righty I think that the health code violation really you did it right a little bit of maple syrup but we can always add more turn up real well and that's all there is to our cream sauce now we're just gonna place to the purses on the plate top it with some of our creme that's gonna be like a dessert dressing we had robberies the pizzetta's oh that looks really pretty Oh Marty you think we should get camera girl to do a taste test yup go ahead and give it a taste test camera around mm-hmm these are super easy to make Jessica all right you can go ahead and dig in since you cooked it pick it up and eat it like a cookie and you cook like a professional but you eat like an amateur yeah I'm gonna have to show you guys how to eat all right show us all right first things first we gotta get rid of this fork uh-huh you just got to pick it up put as much in your mouth as you can yeah all right other chef show I'm Alex done this is so good there you go and they're so easy to make and you can't taste the corn and the corn flour at all because we put cinnamon and sugar in there and it's got all that chocolate and peanut butter that's all you taste yep mm-hmm thanks for watching be 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