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Quarkbällchen – Nicht frittiert – Unfrittiert (Deutsch / German)



We are making this delicious German pastry today It is typically fried

but I won't fry them and I promise, they will taste just as good – if not better than the original Quarkbällchen You need 3 eggs, 150g sugar, 125g Quark, 115g flour, about a teaspoon baking powder and some vanilla sugar I use a cake pop silicone mold to create the round shape

I have buttered the mold (on the bottom part) I'm sprinkling some sugar into the mold for extra flavor I VERY lightly greased the top part of the mold, otherwise they won't grow into a ball shape First combine eggs with Quark Add vanilla sugar

I couldn't find the baking powder – adding it now to the flour – mixing – then combining all + sugar Placing the mold into the preheated oven at 180 degrees celcius for 20 minutes After 10 minutes, I flip the mold over One is already missing cause I ate it 🙂 I roll the balls into sugar – that's when the sugar sticks best Done! I hope you enjoyed this video

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Source: Youtube

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