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Rabdi Malpua || Sweet Recipes || by Cooking with Benazir



bring the milk to boil and then add sugar mix well 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder mix well put the flame off and let the milk cool down let the milk boil, then add sugar mix well keep stirring continuously to make fresh bread crumbs, take 3 slices of white bread cut the edges then grind add to the milk mix well keep the flame on low and let it cook keep mixing and let it cook more till it gets thick this is the consistency we want

now put the flame off malpua batter has now cooled off take 2 cup all purpose flour, make sure to strain it before use add to the milk, little at a time add little flour and keep stirring use a blender to blend it completely and to get rid of the lumps you can store this batter for a week whenever you wish to make malpua you can take this batter, add eggs and make it this is the desired consistency make sure not to make the batter too thick Malpuas wont be soft if you find your batter too thick while making, you can add milk keep it aside for an hour heat some ghee in a pan keep the flame on medium lets flip it its ready put some rabdi garnish with dry fruits ive used almonds and pistachios

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