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Rahasia biar Siomay Ikan Tenggiri lebih empuk | How to cook mackerel dimsum more tender.



The ingredients for peanut sauce and Siomay meet Red chili, Garlic, onion Bitter melon Potato White Cabbage Mackerel Fish Meat Given lime juice ? Then how long it will rested? Rested For how long? To be more tasty huh? To get rid of rancid odor Removing the remaining bones in the fish meat We take out the bones huh? Wow, great! very thorough The bones are taken one by one huh? If you buy outside, usually mashed together with the bone If mackerel fish ya Huband : How to fillet? The fillet method is from the tail From the tail to the head Husband : What for ? To separate the fish muscles But if the middle / main part of the fish has been halved, it is precisely filled in from the head to the tail But if from the tail to the head, fish muscle will be mingled when we fillet oh isee Husband : Must understand the fish part To do fillets like this Because for delicious dumplings, sometimes

err there have been fillets and mashed Usually for those who sell dumplings This is more fresh! Like this, straight away We fillet ourselves Instead of buying one that has been fillet Because the mackerel has been fillet sometimes it's mixed with water a few percent in fillet fish meat, so it's not fresh Because what makes dumplings is not tender when too much water content in mashed meat fillets Great! This is blended fish meat was mixed with a few cloves of garlic so just add the eggs Husband: Is this fish meat that has been blended ya? Husband: Is this flour mixed? just garlic, flour hasn't mixed yet after blending with garlic use sesame oil, the oil that I use like this Oh this is sesame oil

this is for one kilogram of meat one tablespoon one tablespoon ? add oyster sauce ooh oyster sauce one tablespoon ok as usual add salt and two eggs

eggs ? yes, two eggs add the salt later The question why add salt later? worry of fish meat dough becomes not tender stirring first next add flour the sago flour

use this one

'sagu tani' brand stir until blended add this ok, wheat flour this the wheat flour multipurpose mixed then stir slowly otherwise, the dough won't tender keep stirring it all up until blended the meat dough stuffed into chocolate tofu and bitter melon we invite white cabbage, potatoes, tofu and bitter melon to take a sauna bath first everything steamed huh? bitter melon

white cabbage potatoes tofu already cooked boss !! cook the peanut sauce boss

do not ground the peanut too finely, so that there is a peanut sensation in the sauce the dumpling is tender guysss!! made a 'pempek' style too

Source: Youtube

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