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Hello friends Welcome to Roopa's Recipe Today I am going to share recipe of Rajbhog with you

Rajbhog is a very popular and tasty sweet we can prepare Rajbhog very easily at home too If you like my Rajbhog recipe please don't forget to like this video and do subscribe my channel too Now lets see the Ingredients what we need for Rajbhog and how to prepare it Ingredients for Raj Bhog

For Raj Bhog we need: Home made chhena(Paneer) you can find Chhena(Paneer) recipe link in description of this video sugar Water Pistachio

saffron First we need to knead the chhena for preparing RajbhogKnead the chhena for 10-12 min or till it becomes like soft dough chhena dough is ready for Rajbhog now we will prepare sugar syrup

I am using a cooker for making Rajbhog place the cooker over the heat and add water to it we need to prepare 2 types of sugar syrup for Rajbhog sweet First we will prepare light sweet syrup for cooking the Rajbhog to make it spongy use half of the sugar quantity for the syrup first

After adding sugar to the water stir it well and let it boil Now its time to shape the Rajbhog Cut pistachio to stuff the Rajbhog Before making chhena balls for Rajbhog knead the chhena for 1-2 min Now start making balls for Rajbhog Take a small portion of the chhena dough and make a ball

one ball is ready now time to stuff it Press the chhena ball from the centre and spread it a little Put some pistachio and saffron and close it Roll it again and make a round one Rajbhog ball is ready

The same way prepare all balls Sugar syrup is boiling now drop all Rajbhog balls to it Put the led on and cook it on high flame till one whistle After one whistle low the flame and cook it for 7-8 min on low flame Switch off the flame and let the cooker cool down completely

Open the cooker and check the Rajbhog Rajbhog sweet is well cooked now AS you can see it became double in size But this is not ready yet I cooked Rajbhog in light sugar syrup so this is not enough sweet to serve

Now we need to make a sweet sugar syrup For sweet syrup i am use the same water in witch i cooked Rajbhog Switch on the flame and add rest of the sugar to it and give a good stir let the syrup cook for 7-8 min Sugar syrup is ready now Switch off the flame and add saffron to it

Saffron will add color and flavor to Rajbhog Do not use any color if you want the real taste of Rajbhog Now squeeze all the Rajbhog with the help of a spatula Add all the Rajbhog to sweet sugar syrup I Put all the Rajbhog to the syrup

Let it cool down completely Like this Rajbhog will absorb the color and flavor of saffron Rajbhog is ready to serve Rajbhog got the color and looking really beautiful This is very spongy too

Lets cut it to see the stuffing As you can see this is just looking like the market one The same way you can easily make Rajbhog at home too if you like my recipe of RAJBHOG sweet plz don't forget to like the video and do subscribe my channel too

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