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Rasagulla recipe in Tamil | Bengali Rasgulla Recipe in Tamil | How to make Rasgulla at home



Hello friends welcome to Madras Samayal Today in our kitchen we are going to make Rasgulla This sweet is very simple and easy to make All we need is Milk, Sugar and lemon juice To make paneer I have taken 2 L of full fat milk Transfer it to a pan and let it boil

2 Liter Milk (8 cups approx) Let it boil Once the milk boils keep the flame on low Now to curdle the milk we can use lemon or Vinegar we need 2 – 3 lemons (3 tbsp juice approx) Squeeze it to extract lemon juice Slowly add the lemon juice until the milk curdles Once the solids separates turn off the heat and filter We need to rinse the paneer with water to get rid of lemon flavor Squeeze the water from the paneer Squeeze and hang the paneer We need to hang the paneer for min 30 to 60 min Now lets prepare Sugar syrup for the rasgullas We need to use wide and deep pan to make sugar syrup If we use a small pan then the balls will hit one another and break easily So please use a wide pan to prevent breaking Boil 8 cups of Water (2 Liter) Now lets add Sugar 2 cup Sugar (400 g) Mix well and let it boil Now its time to knead the paneer This is very important step in making Rasgulla We need to knead the paneer for min 10 – 12 minutes We need to knead until it turns to a paste consistency Otherwise it might break while cooking 10 minutes of kneading is very important Transfer it to a plate and start kneading Initially it might be grainy but soon it starts to come together Now after 10 min its nice and pasty Now after kneading divide the dough into small balls Rasgulla doubles its size when cooked, so make small sized balls 17 to 18 balls would be good Make sure there are no cracks on the surface otherwise it might break while boiling Now lets add the rasgulla balls into the sugar syrup We need a mild syrup for making this sweet Perfect Cover and let it cook on high for 5 minutes After 5 min cook for another 10 min on medium Its been 5 min now lets check Gently stir the rasagullas if needed Cover and cook for 10 min on medium heat Now its been 10 min on medium lets check Tadaaa !!!! They have doubled in Size, nice and soft Finally add some Cardamom to add nice flavor Turn off the stove Let the rasagulla soak in the sugar syrup for 6 -8 hrs before serving

Our delicious rasagullas are ready to be enjoyed

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