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Raw Vegan Halloween Treat Recipe – Spooky Boo Bash Cookies



WELCOME YOU MY LOVED! TU RAW COCONUT GIRL! Welcome to my special edition of HALLOWEEN What was that?! :ABOUT REMEMBER ON COUPLES 🙂 TO KNOW MY UNIQUE RECIPES FOR HALLOWEEN WELCOME BACK! WELCOME YOU FROM MY KITCHEN! Welcome to my special edition of HALLOWEEN Today he will present you how to do it Healthy sweetness on HALLOWEEN which have the task of "scare" everyone: D Now we'll begin! It's me again! Lets start with GROUPS OF UPIORNE, RAW HALLOWEEN CAKES HALLOWEEN RECORD – 1

BACKPACKS To comply with this recipe, you need 1 GLASS OF DRIED / ITS DACTILES 1 LADDER OF DRIED SLIWEK 1 DRIED COOLANT FIG (Preferably these brown ones) 1 GLASS FAMILY OPTIONALLY YOU CAN DO FEW PLASTIC TIP They add a unique Halloween look to your cakes 🙂 PREPARE YOUR FAVORITE CAKE FORMS All ingredients blend together Well, almost as it should be, let's check it out My "cake" came out too dense, so add a little filtered water Now I'm trying to form a cake base, which we use to cut the cookies you selected with molds Dough that is outside the mold, use to fill the cakes from inside, which will give them a fuller shape and size Make sure that nothing protrudes beyond the shape of the mold Now, we squeeze cookies Squeeze cookies from the molds Now let the cookies dry up 🙂 MY FRIEND: MEGA IS LOOKING! For more precise shapes, use a knife

Now it's time for eyes HALLOWEEN RECORD – 2 MIETOWE APIES – MONKEYS The recipe for MIETOWE POD – MONSTERS is very similar to the recipe number 1 on the LEPKIE STWORKI Because the dough ingredients are almost identical You need: 1 DRIED COATING: DAKTYLI, SLIWEK, BRAZOWY FIG AND RODZYNEK! almost because it is an important component for MIETOWE CZWORKI – POTWORKI is minted here! Add, then, THE FULL GARSCORE MINT (LISCIE + LODYGA) Now with the help of your favorite molds, squeeze the cookies Dough that is outside the mold, use to fill the cakes from inside, which will give them a fuller shape and size

And now gently squeeze your cookies AND YOUR MIXED APPLES – MONKEYS they are almost ready! Almost, because now is the time for decorating your creatures! With the help of: COCONUT BUCKLE, GOZDZIKOW – for making eyes AND MIAZSZ / CARROLL PULA Do not forget about MIRE! And Our Halloween recipe number 2 on MIETOWE STWORKI – MONKEY is READY: D Now it's time for the recipe number 3! HALLOWEEN RECORD – 3 SUGAR MINI BEAUTY Watch out! To comply with this recipe, I need exactly the same ingredients for the dough as in the case of recipe 2 for MIETOWE STWORKI – MONSTERS You need: 1 DRIED COATING: (DAKTYLI WITHOUT PESTS), FIG, SLIWEK, RESTINES! To make your cookies look like small pumpkins need 2 GLASS CARROTS MILLS and SWIEZA MIETA Add, then, THE FULL GARSCORE MINT (LISCIE + LODYGA) INVITE ALL THE CHEMICALS! Now it's time to form small beads Then coat them in the carrot pulp! Do not forget to also use mint on the top of the pumpkin! AND REGULATION 3 – READY! LAST HALLOWEEN RECORD – 4 horrible weird, raw Halloween cookies 🙂 FEARS ON THE LACHY 🙂 need SOME KIWI SOME GREEN JACKS SEVERAL MIGDALS A FEW STRAWBERRIES A CLOUD SYRUP 1 GOZDZIKOW PACKAGE! FIRE ALARM?! IT'S NOT US! 🙂 1 PACKAGE GOZDZIKOW! 🙂 3 SAUCE SAUCE SAUCE POTS! Now it's time to peel all of your Kiwi! I cut 1/3 part of KIWI so that the shape of "geby creature" will be created and 1 slice of strawberry put in "geby creature monster" Now you create Gebe through large G! Use sunflower seeds to help your green creature! Now it's time to do a few pairs of eyes to the monster 🙂 As you can see, now I cut out the other shape of the monster's jaw! Be creative!! Boost your imagination! To make teeth for your creature, you can also use almonds! Now it's time for JABLKOWTON POTWORKA! You do exactly the same as in the case of KIWI! Rudder 1/3 part of the apple so that the mouth of monster is created! Put the rest of the dough on the previous recipes in his mouth 🙂 or simply: dates, raisins or plums 🙂 Also, do not forget to add your teeth monster! Eyes monster made of almonds, glue with the help of maple syrup! GIVE ME LAJA! IF YOU LIKE MY RECIPE FOR YOU GROUND MOWERS, RAW HALLOWEEN CAKES! SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL, ABOUT MISSING ANY OF MY LATEST REGULATIONS! CHECK MY MY LATEST E-BOOK ALSO! INFORMATION IN THE POD VIDEO DESCRIPTION CAPPINGS: D THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION 🙂

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