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Real Grilled Steak Burgers by the BBQ Pit Boys



Welcome to American Tuhao BBQ Today we are going to be real steak burgers It’s very simple to do This dish is obviously you need some steak I got some sirloin steak

You may be familiar with this part These steaks weigh 125 pounds each Perfect for real steak burgers We are using the St Corona oven You may have seen it in the past This is a great oven you can lift up and down the grill Full control over cooking temperature We have to go straight to the barbecue Spread the charcoal fire like this Of course, you definitely know how to do it Ok If you want to see this St

Corona oven Can come to our website to see Of course, we have to season with salt and pepper Season the steak before the barbecue Use your favorite seasoning Our SPG is great to use Thank you also for purchasing SPG to support us Also supports almost 15,000 barbecue bases around the world Oh man If you haven't tried a real steak burger You really have to give it a try it's actually very good We put the steak directly on the charcoal fire

We have to give it a quick bake Bake up very quickly We don't want the steak to be fully cooked But bring the taste of coriander I also brought it to the hamburger and you will see it later Oh man Can you smell it? It smells like a Guuud! If you can't smell it, you must have come to the wrong channel Ok The steak is ready to bake Bake it to the third leg Even a bit cooked It’s just baked Ok Next Take the steak off the grill The hardest part of the dish Just can't eat the steak before making the burger

What is it hamburger? Still not, you really have to look at the hamburger version of this dish Oh man Maybe you should buy four or five sirloin steaks Ok, let the steak cool for a while It’s easier to cut it up Of course, the chickens smell the aroma of the steak

All ran to line up Ok, cut the steak like this Because you want to use a food processor or a meat grinder Your steak has been grilled until it is cooked or cooked Just like this is perfect Oh man Telling you that the video could have been accelerated But I just like this If you are annoying, just click the accelerator button The chickens are all ready to eat Ok Thanks to the modern high-tech invented the electricity We don't need to shake the meat grinder by hand

So I pulled the long wire Next, chop the steak Oh man Tell you It’s a very good idea to prepare a meat grinder in the barbecue base Because you can prepare beef burgers with steak or whole beef This is much better than buying meat stuffing than the local meat shop Unless the butcher is the local meat, it’s kept every day Then put the West Cold Cattle in Already brought a donkey Twisted into a thicker meat filling Ok Sirloin steak has been crushed As you know, the cold steak is very thin

The meat is quite thin The fat inside is not enough to make the burger 扒 So we have to bring a bit of butter Also have a little seasoning To bring the butter and seasoning to the meat Can make meat filling better It’s very simple to tell you Then we have to make 4 burgers with the broken stuffing 扒 Oh man It seems that I can eat it directly Actually, really If you are using good beef Then you can eat it directly But we can't bake it

As you can see We pressed the meat to a very strong Much because the meat is very thin So we have to work hard to make a burger Take the hamburger slowly Oh, like this Ok, put them on the grill Still direct fire heating But slowly and evenly heat Can't use hot flame Otherwise, the burger will be fried If you have ever done a burger, you know what you mean

Use our St Corona oven Cover with a lid to raise and lower To control the temperature Firepower is probably medium fire Ok, take a look Can turn over Oh man who will definitely be delicious The burger must be full of savory taste This made the real steak burger Understand Still turn it over like that Close the lid Slowly roast on small fire I can serve soon Then bake the bread Onion bread Poppy seed bread English Mafen It only takes a minute or so to bake the bread Ok, you can eat it

Get some a little mayonnaise It depends on you Take the real steak burger off the grill 噢Martha, we have a good meal tonight Come and call 呗 Ok You can eat whatever you want What bread is used with what ingredients are with you But we have to eat simply a few fresh tomatoes Nice sweet onion These are the Vidalia sweet onions Different kinds of sweetness Just like what I said, I want to eat how I want to embellish it Poppy seed bread Onion bread Thank God I also got some of our barbecue sauce Don't need to say more

Awesome English Mafen Oh yeah Of course, as usual I am sorry for eating in front of you But I am in charge of this privilege called the master of barbecue Oh man Every bite is the taste of real grilled steak Yay Man Next time you look for a hamburger recipe for the barbecue base Come check out at BBQPitBoyscom Subtitle Sofronico

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