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Receta de Halloween / Dulce Cementerio // Halloween Recipe / Sweet Cementery



Another recipe very easy for Halloween night This time we become a cemetery but the sweetest

A very sweet video with biscuits, jellybeans, chocolate INGREDIENTS 2 people 4 Cakes Chocolate nustard Oreo type cookies Chocolate bar Maria cookies Butter Jellybeans to decorate 1 Cut the cakes in the shape of a coffin

2 We open them in half and anoint them with the custard 3 Make a cut on the top of the cake 4

We put some ounces of chocolate 5 With the help of the custard and the knife, we painted some crosses 6 We take a plate and put the biscuits

7 Decorate with the cookie powder that we had made in the previous video 8 We finish decorating with jelly beans Now our second Halloween recipe is ready to spend a sweet night of fear Remember Robarecetillas that cooking can be fun !!! Goodbye !!! Sweet Cementery You can also follow the channel in: Facebook https://www

facebookcom/DiviertetealcocinarconElRobarecetas/ Instagram https://wwwinstagramcom/divercocinaconelroba/ Twitter https://twittercom/diviertt_alcoci

Source: Youtube

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