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Recipe: How to Make Sweet and Spicy Mango Salsa! (Hindi, with English subtitles)



Today, we bring to you a spicy recipe We are not in Peepal Farm's kitchen

but in our garden, under the mango treebecause our recipe uses mangoes BTW, salsa is a Spanish wordwhich means chutney It primarily uses tomatoes and chillies

but we are giving it a seasonal twistby adding fresh mangoes Let's see how to make this recipe We need one big, ripe mango Peel it and chop it into small pieces

Chop two medium sized onions Chop a ripe tomato into small pieces Ripe tomato will make your salsa juicy Tip : Juicier the tomatoes, juicier the salsa Chop a green chilli and some fresh coriander

Put all the chopped ingredients in a bowl Add salt to taste andsome crushed black pepper Add the juice of half a lemon Mix everything together

Mix it well, for atleast 1-2 minutes When you see the juices from the fruit being released in the bowlit means that the salsa is now ready You can serve this tangy-spicy salsa with nacho chips as a snackor eat it as a salad!

Source: Youtube

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