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(upbeat music) – [Narrator] We are Sorted A group of mates who have your back when it comes to all things food, from cooking battles, to gadget reviews, and cookbook challenges, to a mid-week meal packs app

– [Man] Crack your eggs, bake – [Narrator] We uncover the tools that'll help us all cook and eat smarter Join our community where everything we do starts with you – Hello, welcome to fridge cam I'm Jamie

This is Mike – In today's episode, two unsuspecting normals go head to head to try and create amazing macarons without a recipe – And this is them finding out for the first time – It could be us – I don't know

– We don't know yet – Yay, it's me – Yay, it's not me! (laughter) – You know how these work We have weighed out a bunch of ingredients for you that are required for one particular recipe which the pair of you now have two hours to prepare, recipe-less – We would like you to make macarons

– We'd like half a dozen identical macarons with a filling of your choice prepared in two hours and your time starts, now! – Great – Straight off, two hours is a long time, but that is because there's lots of– – I've already spilt my eggs – [Ben] waiting and cooling – Have these been weighed out? – Yes, they've all been weighed out Mike? (laughter) – You'll have more luck with your hands

What's he? What are you doing? (laughter) Why have you? – Oh, Barry Taylor's going with confidence Big confidence – You are moving too quickly for me What are you doing? You're just doing stuff – I just saw this and this is here obviously for a reason

I remember you start off by blitzing your almonds and your icing sugar together – [Mike] Is that true? (mumbles) – There's a pineapple over there Do you think that's there for a reason as well? (laughter) (food processor whirring) – Okay – [Jaime] Mike, what are you starting off? – I still don't know what to do, so what I know I need to do is sieve the icing sugar, and while I sieve it, I'm gonna try and remember what on earth happens, 'cause rubbish macarons have a lumpy batter (tapping) – Really can't do anything

– Do you not like that sieve? – No I don't like it – Interesting – Can you empty this? – [Barry] Fine, fine – [Mike] Great

– Oy, oy, oy, oy! – I'm having your bowl then, fair? – Where are my almonds? – You've got plenty you can share – Where are the rest of my almonds? – They're there – Where's the bowl that I– – It's there (laughter) – What're you gonna do with them? – I'm gonna put that in there I only wanna put half of that in there

– Yeah, so do I – But I can't work out how to – How do you separate half

– [Barry] They're so gloopy, it's going to be really hard – [Mike] They're you go, look at that – He's in – [Mike] You've gone in, that is bold – Oh no wait a minute, I've just remembered, don't stir it

– Ground almonds, icing sugar sieved, half my egg whites, I think that might be two egg whites, in Leave it Don't need to stir it, doesn't make a difference Leave it Okay so, I know that we've got to make a sugar syrup and that's got to get up to something like aw I've done this before, like a 117 degrees C

(splashing) (laughter) You're copying me – No, you're copying me! – You're copying me (laughter) While that's heating up, I'm whisking up egg whites to stiff peaks Guys, who is policing this? – What's wrong? What's wrong? – You drain me – [Barry] Well, I didn't want it to heat up (mumbles) so I took it off the heat for a little bit

– Well why didn't you turn it off? – I didn't need to, it's quite chipper in here – [Mike] No, it's not! It's boiling – Boys, you've got about an hour left – [Mike] Ah, I have an issue here – [Barry] What? – This only goes up to 100 degrees

(laughter) Okay, I'm going for it – Can I help? No, no, no, no No, that's not how (mixer whirring) – A lot happens in the chemistry of sugar – Yep – Crystallisation between 110 and 120 is is actually aiming for (upbeat music) (mixer whirring) – [Barry] Done that – [Mike] Think I might have gotten away with it

– Can I just point out one thing though? (laughter) What is this? What are you doing? – I am so sorry I am a dirty hypocrite (laughter) – I'm surprised Mike's has worked if it only went to 110 – Now you're gonna think I'm just saying this but that was actually what I was looking for – 118 go, go, go, go, go, half off, and dribble in

– What I should have done is add the colour while it was in the mixer So, I'm just gonna go for it, and then we beat it And if I over beat it, there's no going back You've ruined it – So my thinking here is, I'm gonna go for a fiery hot ginger macaron – [Mike] Whoa! – in a yellow shell

(mixer whirring) Mmm yolky (laughter) – So unlike a lot of confectionary, pastry and desserts when you've whipped air into something this is one of the few things that it's actually not a problem to get rid of some of that as you work it in, it is gonna lose its consistency It is going to become a bit looser And you don't want it runny – It's not turning white at all

So if I can get it as white as possible with this last stir, I'll be happy And then it will just have to be all about taste and texture So yes, I'm screwed – What kind of diameter are you looking for? – I don't know Don't know

(funky music) – [Mike] Look how shaky I am – You've got one hour 15 remaining – Let them sit for basically long enough so they start to get a skin on the outside Okay right, filling, let's think about filling – What're we thinking? – My thinking was a lemon and ginger, hot ginger

– Into what? What's your vehicle that's going to carry these flavours? – Cream – Now they tend not to have dairy fillings That's not to say that these guys couldn't do that today, but they have to consider, will it hold? – I've had a brainwave, so I'm going to make ice cream – Oh brilliant, I'm back in the game (laughter) – Hot ginger ice cream to go into my macaron

– Hot ice cream, interesting – [Barry] When I say ice cream, it's just cold cream It's not gonna be ice cream (laughter) I'm starting to rethink it, I don't know anymore I've started now

– Mike, how are you going to win this battle? (laughter) – Barry's just won it for me (laughter) – What I'm gonna do is make something that I know will work, a chocolate ganache It's the right consistency to go in the middle, it will hold, it will cool, it will taste lovely I'm gonna chop up some dark chocolate, I'm gonna heat some cream up, and then I'm gonna melt the chocolate, using the cream, in a bowl – I feel like when it comes to the personalization bit that's the time to play to your strengths because, the theme itself, macarons or swiss roll, whatever that is, might not be your strength

– Baz, I'm going in Which one do you want? – Don't mind me, whatever you want – [Mike] Go in Okay (laughter) – I was thinking of infusing my ganache with something a little bit naughty

– [Barry] Oh, Cassis? – Kirsch – There's kirsch – [Mike] What are you playing at? That's light soy sauce (laughter) – The bottle says kirsch on it – [Mike] You literally can't even get standing on the sides right

– How is that my fault? It's in there, in a bottle that says kirsch on it – [Mike] That was more than I hoped for – How long have your macarons had? – [Mike] They've had ten minutes – Ten minutes How long do they need to have? – [Mike] I think ten minutes

– Okay – Oh no, mine look terrible Those look excellent Well played sir! I've had a shocker here Baz Oh, I've had a real shocker

They have not gone well – 35 minutes left – [Mike] I want this to cool up in time just to start to solidify So, I'm gonna wack it in the fridge for a little bit, not too long (playful music) – [Barry] I just found some crystallised ginger

Really tasty, Really warm (bag crinkles) – What's amazing about these formats is that you watch us mess it up and learn the lessons so that, if you ever do this, hopefully you don't make the same mistakes Oh no, not so good This one, go away Ebbers, this is between me and the audience No Baz, I'm telling you now, twenty minutes remaining, you can only screw this up

(laughter) – What happened? – [Mike] I don't know – How can that, that can't happen – How close are you to finishing? – I'm literally just covering mine in glitter now – Now in the cupboard, I found some cherries, soaked in kirsch Thought I might chop them up

– [Ben] Good techers there Baz – [Barry] Thank you very much – I'd forgotten that method – I just peel them off gradually They look great, still a bit holey

– One minute left (rock music) Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one – I feel like I've nailed that (laughter) – Let's get me to the sexies (phone alarm) (intense music) – Well

– What a tough two hours that was – What, to watch? – Yeah (laughter) – Which one should we start with? – This guy here

– Thanks J – So before we even cut into it, nice flat top, slight glitter shine, not sure if that's done quite what you wanted – Not quite right, more shiny (laughter) – Very passive aggressive Ebbers – Some good feet, a pied, and a good filling

(knife slicing) You wouldn't normally cut one but I wanted to show a cross section So we've definitely go that outer shell what hopefully might be – (mumbles) a little chewy in the mouth – Very soft Barry – The flavours are amazing on that Really good

Well it didn't really matter how that went, (laughter) because now we're about to eat these Aw – Straight off, I like the shine of the ganache, I like the shaving of chocolate 'cause I actually think that worked better than the glitter Also got a fairly flat top, also got feet My thumb's already gone through it, they're a bit softer

– Yeah (laughter) – These were baked the exact amount of time, the exact temperature, and the same oven – Uh oh – A bit chewier, a bit softer, still eats well though – Yeah, not my best work

_ I saw the grating of chocolate at the top, I didn't see the sprinkle of salt, but I taste it, it's there (lip smacking) There's plenty of it And that's quite good because otherwise it's a very, very, very heavy, rich ganache Definitely a bit more chewy as opposed to melt in the mouth So a few degrees on temperature, and a few grams here and there on mismatch of ratio, and it's amazing the difference it makes

– But today, I think we're probably in agreement here – I think so – I think that's fair – Our winner– – Oh (laughter) – is the lemon and ginger

Well done Barry (applause) – Thank you, thank you – Comment down below, let us know what should we tackle recipe-ness next? Did I say reci-penis? Let us know, what should we be cooking reci-penis next? – You did it again – What should we be cooking recipe-less next time (mumbles)? – And if you want to give tried and tested macaron recipes a go, then we've got a couple online using various different merengue methods, or our latest one, in To The Beat cookbook Link's down below

– Wow, that was quite a journey – All of these themes come from your ideas, so thank you very much for sending them Please, keep commenting down below What recipes should we do recipe-less next? Keep punishing each other – [Narrator] Yes, To The Beat is available right now

It's a load of great recipes, styled, themed, and chaptered by genres of music from punk to country and classical to pop It's bold, it's a load of fun, and comes with the bespoke Spotify playlists for you to play whilst you cook So go and grab it now at sortedclub And now a blooper

(beep) – So confusion began when the French macaron was moved into the English language And the English language, we much prefer the double o

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