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Recipe – Traditional Udupi Style Sambar or Huli – Indian Vegan Vegetable Stew



Hi everybody, welcome back to Popping Pumpkins As you can see, I am in a slightly different place today and that is because I'm shooting from Copenhagen I am from India and I was feeling really homesick today

So I decided to make some traditional Udupi style Vegetable Sambar And I wanna know what is that dish that reminds you of your childhood Let me know in the comment section down below and also to be noted, this recipe can be easily made vegan So for all you vegans out there, you should try this one out You just have to omit the "ghee" (clarified butter) in the seasoning and that would make it completely vegan So, Let's see how it turns out

For the ingredients, you will be needing carrots and beans Onions, half a coconut "Toor dal" pigeon pea, some tamarind Rasam powder (comment below for recipe) "Urad dal" (split black gram), mustard seeds, some turmeric powder, salt and some red chillies Before we start cooking, I'm soaking the tamarind in a glass of hot water to make some tamarind juice Next I'm cooking the pigeon pea in a pressure cooker

To make the masala, in a blender, I am taking the coconut pieces, the tamarind juice that we prepared now I'm adding just one fourth of the tamarind juice and saving the rest up for later And the Rasam powder If you want to know the recipe for this Rasam powder, please let me know in the comments section down below Once blended it looks like this

Now let's start prepping the vegetables First I'm cutting the onions into big sized biteable pieces Then I have peeled the carrot and I'm cutting them into small semicircular pieces because in my opinion they look so presentable that way and, finally I'm cutting the beans into medium-sized pieces Done prepping let's start cooking In a hot pan, I'm taking some oil To this I am adding the onion pieces

I am sauteing them well until they turn golden brown in colour for a couple of minutes Now I'm adding the cut carrots and beans To cook the vegetables I am adding about half a bowl of water To this I'm adding some salt 'and some turmeric powder And the remaining Tamarind juice

Now I'm allowing the vegetables to cook in these flavours by closing the lid for about 10 minutes Mmm, now the vegetables look nice and cooked They appear soft and tender So, now I'll add the cooked pigeon pea And finally to this I'm adding the blended masala that we prepared previously

Now the sambar is ready, so let's start preparing the seasoning or the "tadka" In a hot pan I am taking some "ghee" (clarified butter), mustard seeds and red chilies and I'm going to saute them well until the seeds begin to splutter and finally I'm adding the split black gram to this and I will saute it well until they turn brown in color Another primary ingredient that is missing in this are the curry leaves, which I unfortunately couldn't find in my part of the world, So if you have some curry leaves at home, please go ahead and add them now I'm adding the seasoning to the sambar and mixing it well The sambar is ready, let's start serving

So that was how I made the traditional Udupi style sambar We had it at home and absolutely enjoyed it I hope you like the video too If you did, give us a big thumbs up and if you'd like to see any of my new videos, please subscribe to my channel because that's the only way you will know when any of my new videos will come out Also, ours is a new channel, so do support us by giving us your feedback

Let us know what kind of videos or content you would like to see So do let me know in the comments down below See you later!

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