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Recipes for Muscle Gain – Healthy Chicken Breast for Weight Loss



So we're going to begin this recipe by putting the chicken in a glass dish One by forth cup of lemon juice

I'm going to start adding some vegetables so I feel like having some broccoli and carrots with my lemon chicken And now I'm going to brush some ghee on the broccoli and carrots, but you can use oil Some garlic For the seasoning I'm only going to add some black pepper because I think there's already a lot of like flavors going on with the lemon and the garlic And lastly, coriander leaves

Today I'm going to be using half of this And you want to make sure that its thin so it looks nice and pretty And now I'm going to take those lemon slices and put it on top of the chicken and the broccoli and the carrots and feel free to put how much ever you like it really just depends on the taste And now just leave it to marinate for like 30 minutes and then we will put it in a preheated oven

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New Cookery Recipes
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