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Red Lentil Curry For All The Vegan Lovers || BSL Cooking



Welcome to another cooking video Today I have decided to make a lentil curry with rice

This dish is suitable for vegans lovers A friend of mine had asked when I was making a vegan dish so I've decided to make this dish for her in particular I hope you like it! I will show you the different food ingredients I will be using in today's dish Thank you! So I've got my potatoes, my rice and lentils I have ensured these have all been cleaned thoroughly And rinsed between 3 – 4 times

Just to ensure there aren't any traces of starch So my lentils have been cleaned and are ready for cooking I will fill the pot with some water and leave it to cook on a high heat for about 10 minutes And then an additional 15 minutes cooking on a low heat So I will leave that to boil whilst I am chopping my onions I will also be boiling my potatoes I will cook the rice towards the end, maybe 10 minutes after everything else has started boiling

So my measurements are as follows; I've used 300g of red lentils, and 4 cups of rice, I've also used 5 potatoes So my potatoes will be left to boil for about 10 minutes and then placed into the oven I want to ensure I pre-heat the oven ready for roasting Make sure you are regularly checking your lentils and it is easy for the water to overflow So to prevent this from happening, just leave the lid slightly of the pan and check regularly Leave the lentils to boil for about 10 minutes or so before switching it off, we will be frying the lentils for an additional 15 minutes, along with our onions and seasonings Right, so that's our lentils complete

I will cook them for an additional 15 minutes on a low heat I have already added the coconut cream, and will add the spinach at the very end The potatoes have been boiling for about 20 minutes or so and are now ready for roasting I've added some salt and black pepper for seasoning I also pre-heated some oil into a baking tray My lentils are almost complete All that we need to add now is the spinach I will be adding a total of 100g to the lentils So we will add the spinach in at the very last moment

This because the spinach doesn't take very long to cook Maybe a total of two minutes And we will add the spinach into the curry, bit by bit And that's it! All in all, the potatoes took about 30 minutes to roast I suggest cooking the potatoes first before preparing the lentils and rice

The rice is really hot, the lentils are still warm, and I just can't wait to chow down so for all you vegan lovers, out there, I have finally created one as requested I hope this inspires you to create your own meals Look after yourselves until next time, bye

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New Cookery Recipes
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