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Restaurant Style Teriyaki Chicken Recipe – Easy Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and Teriyaki Sauce Recipe



Take out teriyaki chicken is everyone's favorite meal right? Well today I have a treat for you! Even a tech reviewer has to eat and this recipe for teriyaki chicken is just like what you get at a teriyaki shop This sweet and savory sauce is the best and I hope you follow along and try this super simple recipe! I definitely like leftovers so I'm using about 5 pounds of boneless chicken thighs

And for the teriyaki sauce, there are only 5 ingredients with one of them being water But before we get to the sauce let's start by marinating the chicken with about a quarter cup of Japanese soy sauce per 2 to 3 pounds of chicken It has to be Japanese soy sauce or it won't taste right You can use the San J low sodium soy sauce I have here or the Yamasa brand I've tried both and Yamasa is less expensive

I never really measure the marinade so this doesn't have to be precise Then add about 2 tablespoons of Mirin to the same amount of chicken If you don't know what Mirin is, it's a sweet rice wine that's necessary for that teriyaki flavor To me, any teriyaki recipe that does not have Mirin will not taste right so just be aware Now thoroughly mix the marinade around and coat all the chicken

I usually make a pretty big batch of teriyaki chicken so I need two containers to hold all the meat You could use chicken breasts but thighs will work out the best and it's definitely more juicy After it's mixed, place the chicken in the fridge for minimum of 3 hours or more for the best flavor Now let's start on the sauce which is what makes this the best teriyaki chicken recipe I think you'll find on the internet! Start with a half-cup of Japanese soy sauce and pour into a small pot Next measure out a quarter cup of Mirin

Then add a half cup of water Now add a half cup of sugar And lastly measure out 2 tablespoons of corn starch Use a whisk and mix the sugar and corn starch until it's all dissolved Now heat the pan on medium-high heat and keep stirring every 15 to 20 seconds

We're going to get this boiling and it won't take very long so definitely keep an eye on it This mixture is going to stay liquid until it starts boiling and then it gets thick really fast so keep stirring Once it starts to boil you only need to stir another 15 seconds and get it off the heat And now the sauce can be put aside to cool while grilling the chicken Hopefully you've been heating your grill because it's time to put the chicken on the grill! It's definitely nice to have a large grill for the amount of chicken I'm preparing here

This is a Traeger pellet grill and I think it works ok but I whenever I cook on a gas grill it comes out way better So I'm going to cook these about 15 to 20 minutes on each side or until they're done These start to smell really good as they're sizzling and I can't wait to sit down and eat! After the chicken is done, the thighs need to be cut into half-inch slices before serving To complete the meal I've prepared some rice and stir-fried cabbage to go along with the dish And because this recipe is so good I rarely go to teriyaki restaurants anymore so I save a bunch of money by cooking all this food myself

I can definitely say that this is just as good as what you get at the teriyaki shops! I hope you agree that this is a really tasty and easy recipe to prepare! And please let me know in the comments how your chicken turned out! And hit that subscribe button to keep up with all my weekly videos!

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