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Rhubarb Pudding Cake – Rhubarb Cobbler Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking



welcome friends it is late spring early summer which means there is a lot of rhubarb out in the garden so today I'm going to make something that is essentially a rhubarb compote on the bottom with a thin Airy cake on top so the first thing is to chop up all of this rhubarb and I just give it a rough chop and I also I don't peel my rhubarb I know a lot of people do but it's just not something that my family ever did when I was growing up and so I just don't bother to do it now so I'm gonna chop this all up and get it into this pot now into that I also put some sugar and as a thickener I put minute tapioca now you don't need to put water in here there's enough water that will be released almost immediately from the rhubarb and you just want to stir it around and you want to cook this until the rhubarb starts to break down and the sugar is fully dissolved you don't have to cook it all the way down because we are gonna bake it in the oven for about an hour hour and a half so I'm just gonna let that simmer away a little bit while I move on to the cake portion first thing baking powder and flour and we just give that a stir to mix it together and now in this bowl we're going to cream together some butter and sugar next in is 2x will just cream those in as well looking good so now we're going to zest in one lemon I find lemon goes great with rhubarb but so does ginger so if you wanted to put some ginger in this I think that would work really well so I'm gonna put in about a tablespoon of lemon juice and just catch the seeds with your fingers it'll be okay and we'll just beep that in looking good we are now done with the beater that tastes fantastic so I need put a third of a cup of milk and now we just mix in the flour and the milk a little bit at a time alternating between the two just to mix this into a nice cake batter the batter is done the rhubarb is ready now it's time to assemble this so we put the rhubarb in the bottom of this baking dish and I've put this on a baking tray because it probably will bubble over and then on top we put the cake and then into the oven all right so cake rhubarb putting cake which is perfect because it's reversed rhubarb seasons it is rhubarb season now let's see it looks like a bit like a what does the Apple when you put the cake on top oh yeah I don't know what that's called an apple crisp it's Apple brown Betty we've made one but this is almost like sauce and cake now that I'm looking at it it is me I don't know how much we like sauce and cake so getting the cake on to the really liquidy rhubarb at the beginning was a little bit difficult that way that's why divots around it so I wouldn't I wouldn't put it on that way again what would you do differently um I'd put it on with smaller spoon I put on a couple of big dollops and that was no problem really a giant doll let me let you know what doesn't matter tastes amazing mm-hmm tart sour rhubarb which I really like it's not overpowered by too much sugar which sometimes you can get a clawing sweetness on the bottom of a yes your rhubarb and the cake just a hint of lemon in the cake which sort of balances it out a little bit somehow I don't know why because it's too tart sour to tart things but yet it works together and of course I suspect if you like many people who find it to chart yeah you throw in strawberries you throwing other fruits there's lots of ways other fruits on the bottom instead of rhubarb yeah definitely yeah or a mixture of other fruits like strawberry and rhubarb or strawberry and rhubarb would be bars and blueberries but they're not in the same season I don't know out of the freezer and you could also I think I said this while I was making it you could put ginger in this and the cake mm-hmm or even ginger in the rhubarb ginger and rhubarb is I like to yeah it's really a lot um so give it a try try new things let us know thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

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