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Rice In A Pressure Cooker : Eary Recipe : Simple Ingredient : Korean Food – Cooking 1101



Prepare the pressure cooker 500g rice And sieve Pour rice in it Add water to soak the rice Rub gently Lift the sieve and rinse with running water Drain the water Put in a rice cooker Rinse again in purified water Fill the rice cooker up to 1/3 of the scale Use wrist technique to clean up the rice grains on the wall Close and lock the lid Cook on high heat It's starting to steam When the steam starts to come out hard, the pressure starts to rise as the steam stops When all three lines of buttons are up Turn the heat down Set the timer to 10 minutes 15 minutes to make some crust of overcooked rice Turn off the heat when the timer rings Wait for all three lines to go down It's done Oh this sound Stir evenly If you don't stir it will become a rice cake later It's so hot, be careful Then let me try Put freshly made kimchi on Yum Hoooooooo oooooot It's soooooooo hot The harmony with the cool kimchi is the best Today I cooked rice Thank you for watching♡

Source: Youtube

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