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Rie's Tsukemen Recipe • Tasty



(funky music) – There is another type of ramen called a tsukemen The noodle is a little thicker, and it's usually served cold, and you will dip in a hot broth

Unlike ramen, the noodle is not sitting on the soup You will take it off a plate and dip it in the broth The noodle is served separated with the soup You dip the noodle into the soup like soba noodle, but it's a little different in terms of the broth This style is not as popular as ramen, but I feel like it's getting very popular

Sometimes if you go to a restaurant, the broth is different and they get creative A lot of ramen restaurants will have tsukemen on their menu, so if you like ramen you should give it a try Or try making this recipe at home It's very easy to make Broth is very condensed and very thick

I think it's a great summer noodle recipe You're not slurping hot broth out of a bowl like ramen Instead, you will have a nice, refreshing cold noodle and dip This recipe is also developed by Daiki in Tasty Japan Most of the ramen recipes are developed by him because he loves noodles so much

This is a different type of ramen, but if you love noodles and you love ramen, I'm sure you will love this (upbeat, funky music) Also, there is a trick to make pasta into ramen flavor noodle So when you are boiling water, add one tablespoon of baking soda, and add angel hair pasta, and once you cook the noodle, it tastes like ramen noodle It's a great hack I want to make a video about it, but I haven't had time yet, so here I'm just telling you now

If you don't have an Asian market or access to ramen noodle, just boil a pot of water and add baking soda and salt, and it does the trick The last time I had tsukemen, it was Haneda Airport in Tokyo, and when I went to Madrid, they had jamon on the airport food court I feel like some airports step up their airport food game Just saying Tsukemen is very refreshing and it's very different from ramen

If you've never tried it, please try this recipe I'm sure you will love it (upbeat, funky music)

Source: Youtube

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