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hi friends welcome back to the channel again today what will we do on this video okay do you have an estimate? let me sing we will make cake but what kind of cake this roll will be cake Let's start by saying materials there are 3 eggs here here is a packet vanilla and also embossed dust here is a glass of water sugar and flour let's start now first 3 egg whites but this sound is so disturbing that I will stop the video here I can flap the eggs let's add sugar I forgot to say that we will add some more sugar Approximately half of the water cup I will close the video again because of the sound you see it ready now we will add vanilla and baking soda OK now add the unu recycle materials this mixture is ready to cook I prepared this bun greaseproof paper this is ready you see let's bake hello friends welcome back to the channel You know, we made cake actually roll cake we will eat now our cucumber is here we drink here I want to show you something before I start very sweet bands let's show them first i will show it Do you see the bears and cupcakes beautiful in reality come on I opened we can see these tapes from these little sweet windows Yes friends first it's really sweet these little sweet cupcakes very beautiful and others it's really sweet friends this is perfect and other package warm and easy (writing on the tape) you can see them again using this window let's get them out Yeah i bought them they are perfect it is nice and the other band in the package this is very sweet Do you see leaves and oranges and the last I think this is the best do you see green color i like green my favorite color is green i love that face Are you excited let's see this is perfect the forest is there so beautiful maybe we can make a draw if you want it in comments section let's start it's really big i can get huh you should try it and also in our home you know what's in it

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