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(light electronic music) – Hello, and welcome to Ruby's Recipes, I'm chef Marissa Riffle, and this is my co-host, Chef Daria the dietician Today we are making dishes for the most important, and maybe the most delicious meal of the day, breakfast

Joining us in making some fantastic mini quiches are junior chef cooks, Mia and Braden Let's get started Are you guys ready? So, the first question we have is do you guys eat breakfast? – Yeah – What do you eat for breakfast? We're gonna crack the eggs – Eggs

– This is what we're gonna do (tapping) You're gonna do this What do you eat for breakfast? – Eggs – What kind of eggs do you eat? And you're gonna prep the next one Mia do you wanna help? Wanna crack another egg? We're gonna crack it on the side like this, (tapping) and we'll drop it in there like that, look at that! – There you go, excellent – You guys are great, perfect

And one more I have a towel you can wipe your hands off on (tapping) So what kind of eggs do you eat for breakfast? Scrambled eggs? – [Both Children] Scrambled eggs – [Marissa] Omelets? Well a quiche is kind of like an omelet in a way So today we're going to make a crustless quiche

Normally a quiche will have a pastry shell in it Today we're gonna do that without, so it's more like a mini omelet So what you wanna do first, is we wanna whip the eggs So Daria, what's good about eggs for breakfast? – [Daria] Eggs are an excellent source of protein – So when we whip our eggs, we're going to take, and we're going to hold the bowl kind of off to the side like this, and then we're gonna beat it like that

Mia why don't you mete out one cup of whipping cream? Keep goin', keep goin So, if you were making an omelet, you wouldn't put the heavy cream in there Today we're using heavy cream in the quiche because that's gonna make a nice and fluffy, light quiche for us So if you wanna pour, Mia, if you wanna pour the heavy cream in there, and then we're gonna whip those eggs again You wanna try whipping? And Braden if you wanna take a pinch of salt, we always have to flavor

Add a little salt, add a little pepper to our eggs so that it has some flavor to it And then you wanna do a pinch of pepper So with a whip, you wanna hold your whip kinda like this, and you're gonna go down to the bottom of your bowl, back up, down to the bottom of your bowl, back up, and then you're eventually gonna get faster at it So you give it a try again Perfect

You put pepper in there? – Yeah – Ooh, somebody's gotta help me remember today Good thing I have two really good cooks with me – [Daria] There you go – Alright

– The point of putting, whipping the eggs is to incorporate air so it turns out nice and fluffy Your quiche, you don't want it to be short and dense, you want it to be nice and fluffy – Correct So, I think we're good with that Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna add the cup, and today I've picked mozzarella cheese If you don't care for mozzarella cheese, you could add a cheddar cheese, you could add Colby, Colby jack cheese, Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is generally the traditional cheese that you wanna put in quiche, but we're gonna go with mozzarella today, you guys like mozzarella? – Yeah – Mm hmm – Oh good – If you have people that are food allergic to dairy, you can also use a soy based cheese or rice based cheese – And then put that right in there

And Mia, if you wanna start spraying the pan So we have some toppings today that we have selected We've selected chopped broccoli and we did a sausage Now, the sausage we did cook prior to here It was a raw sausage, and then we just cooked it off, and so that's what that is

– One more spray – You could do pretty much any favorite thing that you wanna do, so bacon bits, you could have diced ham, you could have peppers So then we're gonna stir this one more time Whip that again – Get the cheese all nice and mixed in – Move the cheese out of the way

And then when we go to put the filling in there, we only wanna put about three quarters of the way up – It's kinda like making muffins Have you guys made muffins before? – [Both Children] Yeah – Sometimes when you put too much muffin batter and it gets all full, that's what we're trying to avoid – Right, so if we put too much of the egg in there, it'll come up and over the pan, and the next thing you know it's one big giant mess on the top of your pan, and that's not what we want today

So you wanna give it a try, Braden? Can you scoop it up? Like I was saying, with the toppings you could do diced tomatoes, you could do red or green peppers, it's really whatever your favorite topping is going to be Same thing with the cheese – Anything colorful Like chef said, just because there's peppers in there, you could have red, yellow, green peppers in there, you could also include spinach Spinach is excellent in a quiche as well

– Perfect – The more color the better – Eat your rainbow, correct? – That is correct – [Marissa] That's the best thing that any of us could learn I think we all have a tendency to forget that, don't we? – [Daria] And it's one of the easiest ways

People get all wigged out about vegetables, and having servings of vegetables, but they don't realize if they eat a little bit during the day, and they've kind of hidden it in other food, that it just goes, it's not that big of a deal to try to get those vegetables in – So I'm gonna fill here for you for a little bit Alright, so back to the topic of breakfast Can you guys tell me, why do you wanna eat breakfast? Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day, do you know? – 'Cause you haven't eaten all night – You are correct, because you haven't eaten all night, you're getting ready to go to school, and your brain's gotta do some thinking, right? – And you gotta stay awake

So there's nothing better than a little breakfast to get you going – [Marissa] Right, so what you guys are gonna do next is now we're gonna take our toppings and put a little bit of the toppings on there So we're just gonna take about, I'd say about a half a teaspoon, and just sprinkle it on the top like that So you wanna go ahead and do that? And then I'm gonna keep filling your quiche cups – [Daria] There you go

We've used pork sausage today, but you could use turkey sausage, or turkey bacon if you'd like – Now, Mia I think you had a question for us earlier, can you remember what question you had for us? – Do you need a grown up to help with this? – I suggested that you should always ask your parents or an adult, whatever adult is with you in the morning, if it's okay if you can make breakfast by yourself This one I would suggest that you do have somebody with you, because the cracking the eggs and things like that, that's okay, but we're gonna use an oven, and whenever there's heat involved, I always suggest that the children have their parents with them Oh, look at that, I missed a cup, how 'bout that? Now that we've got our eggs filled, we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna put them in the oven Put this off to the side

Alright, so here are what our mini quiches look like, and we're gonna go ahead, and we're gonna put 'em on a plate, but you know what, they are super hot, so we are gonna be careful And do you have a spoon Daria? And I am gonna scoop out just like this, and we are gonna put the quiches on the plate Think it looks good? – Mm hmm – Yeah – Alright, you guys wanna give it a try? Cut it like this, we'll cut you a small piece, and then you can give it a try Just remember they just came out of the oven so they're really warm

What do you think? Yes, you like it? Good, those quiches taste exquisite Thank you Mia and Braden for your help in the kitchen Up next we're trying out different ways to get awesome flavors from our breakfast classic, pancakes See you in a bit – [Narrator] Hi, I'm Ruby the red eyed tree frog

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– Hello, and welcome back to Ruby's Recipes Pancakes are a classic staple at breakfast time, and joining us today to make them is junior chef Celia We have an assortment of toppings to make our dish extra delicious Let's make some pancakes So Celia do you like pancakes? – Mm hmm

– Well, guess what we're gonna do today We're not gonna use a box mix, we are gonna make pancakes from scratch And actually, we're gonna do something extra special with the pancakes today, we're gonna make them gluten free Do you know why we would wanna make 'em gluten free? – No – Daria? – Well, sometimes if you are cooking for others as I know you aspire to, one of your guests may have a gluten allergy or intolerance and this would be a good option for them so that they feel included

– Alright, so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna put all of our dry ingredients together, and then you're gonna put the gluten free flour and it's just a basic, all purpose gluten free flour You're gonna put that in there first (tapping) Being messy, that's all part of it, isn't it? And then we're gonna add some baking soda Baking powder, it's about a teaspoon and a half of baking powder, it's a little more Some salt, about a teaspoon of salt, and about two teaspoons of sugar

And then, Celia, if you just wanna take the whisk and kind of stir that around a little bit Perfect And then crack your egg You wanna whip your dry ingredients together first, and then you wanna whip together your wet ingredients Oh, expert egg cracker, look at that

– Here, I'll take that for ya – I'm gonna do this for you, alright – Ill take that, there was a hanger on (scraping) – Perfect, you can go ahead and add the milk You can keep whipping while she adds the milk

Perfect – And we have a little – Then we're gonna add a little vanilla, too And that would be your choice whether you wanted to add vanilla or not You could add an almond extract, that would make a different flavor of pancake too

Now, we're gonna take the wet ingredients and add it to the dry ingredients So I'll pour the wet in for you while you start, how's that? Sound good? – Mm hmm – Alright – So do you make pancakes at home? – Not much – [Both Women] Not much? – Mm hmm

– [Marissa] Have you ever made pancakes? – [Celia] Yeah – [Daria] You will after this (Celia laughs) – You see how simple it is, that you don't have to buy a box mix, that you can actually make the pancakes at home yourself And we always wanna make the pancakes first because we wanna let the batter sit That helps the pancake rise a little bit and not be quite so tough, 'cause sometimes it can be a little tough if you whip 'em and then cook 'em right away

I think we're gonna give it one more good, we had a bit of egg in there Alright we'll leave that off to the side Now the next thing we're gonna do is we're actually gonna make a filling, and the fillings that we're gonna do today are made with butters You could do peanut butter, almond butter, or actually, there's something unique on the table What is that Daria? – This is sunflower butter for those folks that have a nut or a peanut or tree nut allergy, this is an excellent – Grab your spoon option for them, it works just like – Probably not

– Typically what on peanut butter, tastes delicious with peanut butter and jelly You could make peanut butter cookies with it Either way it's really a good product – [Marissa] That looks good, I think that'll probably be plenty So Celia put about two tablespoons of peanut butter in there, and we're gonna take a little bit of hot water, because we're gonna thin the peanut butter out, so that we can actually spread it a little easier on our pancake

Let's give that a try, mix that up and see how that looks It might take you a little bit, too, 'cause it seems like it's gonna separate and then it's gonna come back together Alright, then after that, I'll keep doing this, if you guys wanna talk about what fruits would you like to put in there? – Um – What are you thinkin' today? – Raspberries and blueberries – Great, great colors – Good choice

– So what we're gonna do is after chef makes pancakes and we thin the peanut butter out, we're gonna take the pancake and we're gonna spread the peanut butter mixture on it and then you can put as much or as little as you want in it It's like anything else, you have to make sure that you are able to get your mouth around it It's like making a really big sandwich Some people would put like two things in it, but you can put more than that in if you like – So you see how we thin the peanut butter out just like that, so now it's gonna be easier spreading for you

Daria if you hand me the pancake batter, and if you have a ladle, that would help me out greatly I'm gonna spray my pan first And then add a little batter I'm gonna make the batter a little thinner, because we're actually going to roll the pancake, so I'm gonna spread it out in the pan so it's not so thick, so that when we go to roll it, that it won't tear when we go to roll it But in the meantime, I actually did a few of the pancakes already, so we're gonna give those to Celia and she's gonna start making them

So the first thing that you wanna do is you wanna take some of your peanut butter, and you're gonna wanna take that, and then you're gonna spread it on your pancake – If you didn't wanna roll 'em up – Don't be shy – You could actually even have two thicker pancakes and have like a sandwich – [Marissa] Or you can just take and make a stack and put the nut butter on the top< whichever one you choose, and then pile it on top with whatever fruits that you decide You like what you got? – [Celia] Yeah – [Marissa] Alright, so then you wanna put your fruit right here, not quite in the center, just a little bit back, 'cause then when we go to roll it, that way it doesn't fall out of the side

– K – [Marissa] Oh, that's lookin' good What's your favorite fruits? Is there anything besides raspberry and blueberry – Nope, it's just raspberry – Any other kind of toppings that you'd like to put in your pancakes, maybe we don't have, but you can do at home? – Um, probably oranges

– Ooh that would be different – Ooh, I would like that – I think that's probably good right there – If you wanted a little texture you could probably add a little, some nuts, or some sunflower seeds in there and give it a little crunch – Mm hmm

– Chocolate chips? – Ooh! – Chocolate chips – Yeah – [Marissa] Right, and then we're gonna roll like this, so if you wanna make another one Your other pancake looks good You can keep on going Now, do you eat breakfast every day, Celia? – Yes, and usually waffles or cereal

– [Marissa] Ooh, nice, what's your favorite cereal? Then you wanna take and you wanna roll it – [Celia] Cheerios – [Marissa] Cheerios? – [Daria] Ooh, Cheerios is a good choice – [Marissa] I'm gonna cut this for you And you're gonna give this a try And then I'll roll it up for you and you're gonna tell us what you think

Is it fallin' out on ya? – Yeah – That's alright, that means it's lots of good stuff in there – Okay – [Marissa] What do you think, you like it, did you do a good job? – Mm hmm – Alright, no matter what you put on top of your pancakes, they're guaranteed to be a great dish for breakfast

When we come back we'll be putting a unique spin on tater tots Stick around we'll see you shortly – [Narrator] Hi, I'm Ruby the red eyed tree frog I hope you enjoy watching Ruby's Recipes, along with all the other wonderful kid's programs on WBGU TV If you do please show your support by becoming a kid's club member right now

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When making breakfast, it's always good to use potatoes in your dish And here to help us put a unique spin on tater tots is junior chef Jack Let's get started So, Jack, do you like tater tots? Do you like waffles? – Yeah – Well, good, you know what we're gonna do today? We're gonna make a tater tot waffle Have you ever heard of a tater tot waffle? Well, we're gonna do it and you're gonna see how easy it is

First thing that we wanna do, is we're gonna prepare our toppings, 'cause you always wanna have everything in place before you get started So we're gonna have you dice up some of the green pepper I'll show you and then I'm gonna have you do it, how's that? We're just gonna cut strips like this And you don't have to cut it all You just cut it as much as you want

And then cut it this way, alright? That's it When we go to make the tater tot waffles you wanna make sure that your tater tots are thawed out It's not gonna be quite the same if they're still frozen it's gonna take you a while, and you won't be able to smash that waffle maker down the way you need to As for the toppings, today we chose bacon and green peppers You could do sausage and onions, you could do, I did a Colby jack cheese, you could do cheddar cheese, we could do any kind of cheese

Anything in particular that you might like in the future, Jack, with your tater tot waffles? – Well I do like sausage – Ooh, sausage would be a good thing too What else? – What about a vegetable? Don't hurt the dietician's feelings and don't give me a vegetable, Jack – Daria's gonna cry, just pick a vegetable – I'm gonna cry, pick a vegetable, and vegetable

– Carrots? – Carrots, perfect – Hey, there you go – That's awesome Alright, so now that you got that done the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna spray the pan, or the waffle maker I should say And we're gonna make sure we spray it really good I'm gonna do this part, alright, Jack? (whooshing) – [Daria] She's gonna fog us all up

– I am And then we're gonna take the tater tots, and we're gonna dump 'em in there What I need you to do is I need you to push the tater tots around Don't touch the silver plate 'cause that is hot we're just gonna push 'em so that they all fill up The waffle maker is full, so now you wanna top it with your, let's put a little salt, take a pinch, pinch is just like that, like that

Take a little pinch and sprinkle it around there, and give it a little seasoning all the way around Perfect, same thing with the pepper We're gonna take your green peppers and we're gonna put that in there Put your green peppers on top of there Daria if you wanna give me the bacon

See, watch You like a little or a lot of bacon? – [Jack] A lot – [Marissa] A lot, alright, you tell me I got enough bacon in there for ya? – [Jack] Yeah – [Marissa] Yup, alright

– [Daria] How do you feel about cheese? – [Marissa] You like cheese? – [Jack] Yup – Alright, we're gonna do cheese Go ahead, you can put the cheese on there Just remember to be careful Alright, now we're gonna close the lid so we can cook it

(sizzling) You're gonna have to hold it for a little bit until it gets down, you wanna hold it? So while this is cooking there's another alternative that you can do, instead of doing tater tots We actually did one with a shredded hash brown, so it's the same thing, you take the frozen shredded hash browns, let those thaw out, the only exception is you're going to beat in a couple of eggs to this one so that it holds together nicely (sizzling) Can you hear it cooking? I can hear it cooking, are you getting excited about it? I'm getting excited about it Alright, let's see if we can put the lid on this – [Daria] There you go

– Alright, we'll take a look at our shredded hash browns Just so you can see that we did the shredded hash browns same thing, the green peppers, some bacon, and some cheese in that, and like I said, you wanna put a couple of eggs in there You think you can make this at home? – Maybe – I think you could It's easy to do, just thaw out your tater tots

Let's take a look at it, see what it looks like – [Jack] Yummy – Oh, it's lookin' good I think we're gonna give it, let's see, we'll give it a test Let's give it another minute

Get it a little more toasted You want a nice brown color on there, and if it's not quite toasted enough when you go to take it out of the pan then we're gonna have a floppy waffle and it's gonna go all over the place So we don't want a floppy waffle do we? – Nobody wants a floppy waffle – So Daria is there anything that we could learn from, use it in the tater tots, or is there something that we could do for nutrition for our breakfast that maybe we haven't talked about? – Sure, potatoes are an excellent source of potassium A lot of people think it's just the banana, but the potato is an excellent source of potassium

So including them at breakfast, and also including some extra vegetables in there is always a good way, like I said, to sneak some of those fruits and vegetables into your diet Potatoes are also gluten free so if you happen to have a gluten free friend it would also work for them as well – Perfect, think it's ready yet? I don't know why it's taking so long I know why it's taking so long 'Cause we're hungry

Whenever you're hungry it always takes a long time Alright let me see if I can pop this out of there, Jack I think we're lookin' a little bit better See if we can get this underneath there And then we'll take the plate, we'll pop it on the plate, – [Jack] It's hot – Yes it is hot – Oh, it is hot

– So you know what? – But it's hot, yummy goodness – When you go to eat it you're gonna have to make sure that you blow on it so that you don't burn your mouth (blowing) – You like it? – It's good – You ever think you'd eat a tater tot as a waffle? – Not yet – See you had a new experience

– Well thanks, Jack Quiches, pancakes, and tater tot waffles All amazing dishes for everyone's favorite meal, breakfast Thank you to our junior chef, Jack, for helping us out today Thank you for watching

For access to more tasty dishes, visit wbguorgruby for instructional videos as well as printable recipes See you next time on Ruby's Recipes (light electronic music)

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