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Crunchy taste Hello friends Welcome to The Crispy Test Two color roll cake This cake has three stages So I'll see it step by step We have 4 eggs first Stream on one side We separated the yellow to one side and now Flow of eggs Half the tea without mixing Let's do it with a glass of sugar first We will calculate our materials in the dough soon for the first time We will do this 4 egg whites And a half cup of tea sugar Yes we got our egg shells We will make paste to make our cake now We have 3 eggs 1 teaspoon flour 1 teaspoon sugar Half cup of starch tea 2 tablespoons water 15 tablespoons kaku 1 We got a loose powder on the bed And watery Add sugar I do not like them Add our name I add starch And bread powder We take the flow of eggs that we separated We add in three stages, not every time We divide the half into a bowl Half And we add kako umuzu If you get strong consistency with two tablespoons of water We know that We wanted to overcome Our pastry dough is ready This is a glass of water I did not eat two spoons Add more Liquid consistency took too So I added two tablespoons of flour ekstradan yes now separately We Invited Our tray Our cakes are heated at 200 Cook for five minutes in the oven To bake now With the first hot spot of the seductive brush We'll wrap You will wait until this soguyana We will do cream After the cold will be open and dignified I will wait until this cold Two glasses of milk for ingredients Cup of tea sugar cup half a cup of starch 1

5 tablespoons flour with vanilla A whiff of scrambled eggs We have a range of chocolates I will add cream, chocolate and vanilla later Yes now we add our kremshantimiz Add to vanilla Half of our cream We'll add her chocolates in a separate bowl Mixing soluble Ready with our creams ready now Yes a cold roll cake option let's do it White part black We put on our cream We put our white cream in the black part We wrap our friends We'll wait half an hour in the closet We'll cut it later Yes pasta roll ready We waited for twenty minutes in a cool icebox We went to two slices of finger fish As you like Ali You know how to decorate I decorate the cream A little coconut Yes we have a colorful roll noodle ready With wellness Crunchy taste

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