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Russian food – шарлотка, Russian apple pie, how to cook шарлотка



Hello, dear friends! Hi, everyone! Today we will cook an apple pie It is a pie with apples

Let's list the ingredients: one kilogram of apples One glass of sugar It can be a little less Four eggs A little butter to cover the baking dish

Half a teaspoon of baking soda One glass of flour The cooking method First whisk the eggs with sugar Second: add baking soda and flour

What kind of dough do we have, Tonya?Like a thick sour cream Third: cover the dish with butter and add cut up apples Better use your own self-grown apples I hope that in five years or so in our garden we will have apples too This year we planted an apple tree

You can use a special tool Cut and throw them into the dish So how do we see? Here we cover the bottom, well and a little above Fourth: pour the dough into the dish with apples The consistency of the dough should be like thick sour cream

And five: bake the the baking mode for about fifty minutes And we choose the menu – baking, fifty minutes Go! How is our apple pie doing there? Now we will make how is it? hocus-pocus! Turning over Wow! Hocus-pocus! Look how crusty it is! Ah! Look how soft it is! What a beauty! No, it is ready, you know

It is fine The evening will be enjoyable That's it! Like, share and subscribe and write comments! Bye-bye!

Source: Youtube

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