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Russian Salad Recipe – Vegetarian Russian Salad Recipe in Hindi – Easy and Quick Russian Salad



Namaste, Welcome to Lata's Kitchen Today I'm going to make kids favorite Russian Salad Lets start making Russian Veg Salad Boil 2 1/2 cup water in a pot Put a steel strainer over it Add 1/4 cup french beans – chopped 1/4 cup green peas 1/4 cup sweet corn 1/2 cup carrot – diced 1 medium sized potato – diced Steam for 10 to 15 minutes You can add any vegetable of your choice It's been 15 minutes I had mixed them once in between

They are softer We don't need to fully boil them Keep them a little crunchy Turn off the gas and put them aside to cool down Refrigerate for 1/2 hour after they have been cool down Take 3 tbsp veg mayonnaise in a large bowl Add 1 tbsp cream Mix well Add 1 tsp powdered sugar Add 3/4 tsp salt, adjust to taste 1/4 tsp black pepper powder Mix well Add chilled veggies Add 1/2 cup chopped cucumber Add 2 slices of pineapple chopped into pieces Mix well You can add any vegetable, fruit or dry fruit of your choice to this salad Garnish with pomegranate seeds Refrigerate for 1 hour and serve chilled Kids love this salad You can have it as a side dish or serve it with bread or soup Thanks for watching Russian Veg Salad !

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