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[MUSIC] Hi, everybody >> Hi, guys

>> So welcome to How to Feed A Loon I'm Kris >> And I'm Wesley >> And he's the loon >> The loon

>> And folks today, we're really, really excited, even more excited than usual Because, we're giving you our first ever recipe from the blog >> Yes >> This was what launched the blog, How to Feed a Loon for us And it is been absolutely one of our favorite, it's been a fan favorite >> Yes >> Almost six years ago ,this of, this beautiful recipe came to live >> Yeah Let's tell them

>> It is our Grilled Shrimp, Corn & Avocado Salad >> [LAUGH] >> It's even way more than that, but that's what we sort of distilled it down to call it >> Yeah >> So anyway, it's just beautiful, literally we, I shared- >> It has a vacation written all over it That's why we put on our little vacation now

>> It really makes you feel like you're down in the Caribbean, you're just having on the cruiseship >> The keys, I love the keys >> It's so beautiful, it's fabulous But anyway, this recipe, it's so fresh, it's so delicious, and you're going to see why It is the reason that we decided we needed to start a food vlog and share all of our recipes with you guys

>> And it's figure friendly, >> It is, your friendly on that figure Okay, you heard I say, grilled shrimp, so first of all, we gotta build this amazing marinade >> Yes >> So let me do that and while, while you're doing >> While, while you're doing that, I'm going to put this shrimp in it >> So we've got a pound of deveined cleaned shrimp that we've taken all of the shells and the tails off this

We just like to put it right on top of the salad, so we got a little trick that we'd like to do from when we marinade and it starts off by putting the shrimp into- >> In a baggy >> In a big old like freezer baggy Okay, so now, while he's doing that, I've got a half a cup of freshly squeezed lime juice at the party Who cares we throw a little lime juice And then we got, now this has a little of a southwestern flair to it

So it's going to feel like it's got a little extra spice to it, but it's really not spicy at all I say that because I am now putting in one jalapeno pepper that I had taken all the seeds out I took those ribs out, so it's not overly spicy >> So good, you need something like that to stand up to the shrimp >> It just really, it's that shrimp, you gotta stand up to it

>> Well, I mean you gotta complement it >> Anyway, that was some finely minced garlic You can get all of the exact measurements of course at howtofeedalooncom And then this is two tablespoons of soy sauce, one of my favorite ingredients to work with

>> Yes >> It's a secret It's so delicious >> [LAUGH] >> This is now red pepper flakes Now this is where, if you do like it spicy, add extra

>> Yes >> Because this will definitely add the spice layer >> A little more >> We like it- A little more? Okay >> yeah thank you >> All right, so that is good that is going to be moderately spicy

>> You guys just how it is so so good >> Refreshing and then this is a tablespoon of dried cumin I love cumin >> Yes, this smell amazing >> And now then this is a cup of fresh cilantro that has been chopped Now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to kind of mix that together first

>> I just love the just >> The smell is insanely good And what is great about this, okay, so now let me just do this This is a three quarters a cup of really good quality, extra virgin olive oil Go with quality here, that's always going to count So what, what I was going to say what's really awesome about this Is, this actually acts as your marinade but it also acts as the dressing

>> As the dressing >> So, now you're not, going to take the marinade from that and then upload it to your stuff >> No no no [LAUGH] >> Well so what we're going to do is I'm going to, I'm just going to use this little tablespoon >> Yes

>> But what you can kind of eyeball this, what you're going to want to, just do enough to cover the- >> Let’s just pour it in there >> What I'm going to tell you is you want to leave enough, I would leave about a third of a cup Our rule is you don’t want to overdress your salad We don’t like to overdress >> [LAUGH] >> But make sure you leave a third of a cup for this

Okay, now, that's great >> Now, I'm just going to squish my shrimp >> Just kind of move it on around And see, that's what's great And then what you can do is you can just stick in the refrigerator

And this is shrimp, so it doesn't take, it's not going to take forever for it to really soak up those incredible- >> So good >> And the acid from the lime is just really going to help in making a more tender and more delicious >> Okay >> All right >> So now, you stick that on the fridge

Now, we've got all these wondeful other additions, ingredients that are going to go into the salad that we'll show you in more detail in just a moment But this is our amazing grilled corn- >> Corn >> It's so good It made it into the title of the salad So let me tell you

Don't eat it- >> I know >> That's the biggest challenge >> I still want to eat eat >> Well all you gotta do, it's so easy You get fresh corn, fresh as best and then chuck it and then I just spay a little like canola oil, any kind, just a little bit of oil you want to rub on there Of course if you're feeling so inclined, you can do some melted butter

But this corn is so flavorful, just a little bit of oil and then you get some nice kosher salt and you just sprinkle that all over You turn your grill on, and then to medium hot, and then you put those corn years on there over direct he for about 10 minutes Turn them a couple times and they're going to start to charge just a little bit And it's going to cook them beautifully Then you bring them in, let them cool for just a couple minutes and then you get a nice big platter a bowl, get a sharp knife and you just cut those, the kernels are right off

Cut those corners off >> Yes >> And that is going to be such an amazing component to this incredible salad >> Yes >> Okay, so we're going to let that continue marinating for another 15 minutes and then we're going to show you what we're going to do with them and you're going to love it

>> [LAUGHS] [SOUND] >> Okay >> All right >> So our shrimp, our beautiful, beautiful shrimp marinated they got all juicy and soaked up on the wonderful flavor, we love thanks good Jesus Anyway so what I did was, I went ahead and took them out of the freezer bag, and I put them on these skewers

Obviously, if this we're going to like is were going to put this on the grill, so there's multi If you don't have a grill, you can also do this in a large skillet and put it in the oven for about 15, 20 minutes kind of like our Cajun shrimp >> Yeah >> We love grilling these But there are other options

>> This is a fun thing >> That is a what they call the grill skillet You want something that's going to keep those little babies, these little shrimpies, from falling through those grates, that's the whole point here >> So either it's a shish kebab, or- >> Skewer on them, or that >> Yeah, a shish kebab

[LAUGH] >> Or there are other, you know how to do it >> Yes >> So anyway, now, what I've done is, after I skewered them, I just put a little kosher salt on here, a little freshly ground black pepper >> Yes >> Let's do that, you want this to be well seasoned

I mean– >> Careful with your fingers there, you just don't touch a shrimp >> I didn't touch any, it's very clean, ok All right, so now– >> Touch the shrimp and, stick your finger back in the salt >> Thanks So, now what we're going to do is, I've got the grill heated to medium and, we're going to go put this out on the grill and, they literally only take a matter of minutes and, then we're going to come back

These are wonderful if they're served warm, but they're also really great served perfectly room temperature >> Yes >> So then when we come back, we're going to assemble the salad >> It showed you all this other lovely stuff that we're going to throw in it >> It's going to be challenged

>> Yeah >> My gosh Okay, so I'm not going to lie I could just sit here and eat this >> I know

>> It's so amazing So let me just remind you what we did We put it out on a nice hot grill It shrimp, it doesn't take long at all And I do want to remind you, if you're going to use the skewers, that whole principle that you've always heard about, don't overcrowd the pan, it also applies to shrimp

If you squish on them too much and they're like, they're squeezed and they're together, they're not going to cook well and they're going to cook, they stay too long on the grill and they get rubbery >> Yeah >> This way it only takes about four minutes, about two minutes per side >> Those are [LAUGH]- >> I know, just, okay >> [LAUGH] >> So now, but that's, seriously folks, it's so good

This stuff is so good too >> Yeah It's assembly time >> It's assemble So now, let's go, let's start up with that corn >> Yes

>> And let's do, we're going to mix this up first before we add the lettuce >> Yes >> So we got, that was two ears of corn Now, thiese are scallions, also know as green onions, it's about a third of cup Again, it's a salad to you can adjust to your own likings but we found that this combination of flavors is perfect That is a cup of diced or chopped tomato

>> These black beans add so much flavor >> it this is again, this is kind of a southwesternee kind of salads, so- >> Vacationy salad >> Very vacationy So that's one like 15 ounce can of black beans that we just rinsed >> Yes

>> And it's just perfection >> And then we have some lovely chopped jalapeno >> Some jalapeno >> Chaps [LAUGH] >> And again another, so you had a little jalapeno in there

That's all gone So it's not like the in this, this how this shrimp is not spicy >> That adds just a one or a half of >> That was one again if you >> Get rid of the seeds

>> That's is totally, you can omit that That's a little red Onion That's a quarter cup of a red onion It adds just beautiful little taste >> Yes, >> All of these- >> Amd now, the other part of the name of the salad, >> That made it into the title

>> Yes, it's some avocado >> Okay, so now kind of mix all that up >> Yeah >> Sometimes, I mean, the Loon kind of jumped ahead a little bit, but sometimes I like to add the avocado in right at the end because it's a little, >> Yeah, it's all right It's a little tender so just be careful

>> Sorry >> So now mix all that up >> Look at that! >> That again, by itself, gorgeous, okay >> I'd eat this as a side salad Right now

>> I know it! Okay so now we've got over here, >> But we're going to make it better >> We've got a nice bowl Don't you love this big wooden bowl? >> I love it >> Our dear friend Sharon and Brian give this to us >> Yeah, years ago

>> Yes And so this has got just one bag, I buy that, you can usually get it from the store It's pre-washed, it's in a nine ounce or a 10 ounce bag that's already cut This is heads of romaine lettuce Whatever you've got

whatever you like, but this is what we like to use One bag of that works perfectly >> Wonderful >> Okay,so now >> Now

>> We're just going to add this to the beautiful party >> And I'm going to put these over here, so you can have them now >> I mean look at that >> Yes [LAUGH] [SOUND] >> I mean, besides being delicious, It is so festive and so beautiful, okay? >> Now, you're going to add a little bit of that lovely dressing again

>> Again, this was that reserve dressing slash marinade >> This was not from the bag >> No, this was not odor to it >> [LAUGH] >> Okay, so like I said, resist the temptation to overdo it You know the rule, you can always add more, it's very difficult to take away

>> So good >> But don't take that away >> Far >> Always worries that I'm going to- >> Don't overdress the salad >> Overdress the salad >> That is dress perfectly, right there? >> Yes it is

So like I said, for a salad the size I use about, my gosh, that's so gorgeous, about a third a cup Okay, so now, let's just get a nice big serving dish And again this is a beautiful salad to serve to friends and to, you know if you're doing a baby shower, if you're doing a brunch, and we want to get all that beautiful >> Yes Get that stuff on top there

>> Get all that stuff >> Get that stuff on top >> In the interest of time, I'm not going to go overboard in trying to play this beautifully >> Look at that Take the time

>> It's so gorgeous >> Well throw those shrimps on >> Okay, now this is so beautiful >> Yeah >> Now, now let's do this

My hands are clean, we're just going to quickly put this here and folks, let me tell you >> [LAUGH] >> Once again, you serve this at a party, actually this is lunch for Wesley and I, yeah >> [LAUGH] Now that is an on tray salad as I saw one >> Yeah I would like to on tray over to your house for this Okay >> That is stunningly beautiful, it doesn't even need anything more than that right there

>> Yes >> Isn't that gourgeous? >> That is wonderful, >> Now >> That is vacation on a plate >> You understand why we felt the need to start to share this, because this is such a showstopper >> Can I tell you that I'm going to put up the picture of the first one that we did

>> My gosh >> That picture that I just showed To compare to this right now [LAUGH] >> Yeah, I made this, I came up with this and I made this in the kitchen of our little apartment, it was in New Jersey And I was like that's pretty let's take a picture >> [LAUGH] >> And I took a picture of it with my phone and then I put it on social media and everyone was like, my god, >> Yes

>> I want that recipe And a little light bulb went off in my head and said, what if I started a food blog? But what would I call it? >> You just keep on talking >> I'm going to, well i am constantly thinking how do I feed this man? >> [LAUGH] Yes >> Okay, that is looking amazing So, again the shrimps

So why don't you want these are still kind of warm from the girls which is incredible >> So good >> But you set this out covered in a little, some plastic wrap and then when your guests start arriving, >> Put at that >> Okay well we've been talking a long time, I know Alright, I need some shrimp on the barbie >> It's such a beautiful combination of flavors

>> Look at that bite >> You did a good one on that one Wesley Talk to me IDid all of the memories of this beautiful life together just come rushing in >> No

[LAUGH] >> No because my taste buds have gone holy moly >> [LAUGH] >> Wow, that shrimp is cooked perfectly That grilling and that lovely marinade >> I know

>> And you still got a little bit of that crunch of the shrimp in there >> Yes >> Lord, and then the avocado Everything is just- >> That's the thing I mean the shrimp is so good by itself

I mean it really is And you can use this on pasta You can use it in all different forms >> But this is the best >> But the salad itself is just specatularly delicious

>> So perfect, so perfect Okay [LAUGH] and it's figure friendly >> Okay well yeah, and it’s 100% Loon approved Actually, I think it’s like 500 >> Yeah, it should be, wouldn’t that be funny if the thing that started the blog was the one that wasn’t Loon approved? >> [LAUGH] Could you imagine? >> I couldn’t imagine

>> Yes, dig in Y'all, you need to make this salad, it is so good >> And it's pretty simple, too >> It is You can see it's not real difficult

>> Wow >> And a lot of it you can do in advance My gosh My gosh it's so good >> You can get the entire recipe on howtofeedaloon

com, and many more Yeah >> I just got tingles >> Yeah >> It's so good

>> It's delicious It is so good >> Thank you So go to our social media, like us, share us Please do all of that

>> Yes Please >> We love you guys You just We need to tell you that again and again how much we love you >> Yes

>> We love your support And let's all get together one day and have this incredible style >> Yeah, let's do it I'm going to wear this all day and every day, I think you >> Mm-hm, you practically do >> [LAUGH] >> Bye

>> Hey everybody >> Hey, now if you like what you saw, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel >> That's right, and to get more amazing recipes like this, just click right here >> Click, subscribe, click, subscribe >> Just click and subscribe

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