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Samosa Dough Recipe (Sambusa pastry, sambousek wrappers)


[UltraVid id=449 ]hi everyone this is Catherine from gbemi foods and today I’m going to be showing you how to make Simbu Sydow from scratch the ingredients which you need are pretty basic but I’m not going to lie and say it’s not a lot of work because it is a lot of work but the ingredients which you need are 3 cups of flour white regular flour and 1 end a quarter cup of water 3 tablespoons of oil and 1 and a half teaspoons of salt first mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth ball you can do this by hand or using a mixer so now you can see what the dough should look like after you’re done kneading it thank God this time it came out just nearly perfect without changing anything but it usually happens that sometimes the dough’s either too dry or too sticky and you have to add either more flour water and that’s okay that’s normal next break up the dough into equal sized balls here I show two different methods to roll out the dough if you’re using the first method you want to make smaller balls about eight and if you’re going to use the second method by hand I would say make about four or six larger balls cover these and let them relax for about thirty minutes the first method to roll out the dough I used a pasta attachment for the KitchenAid mixer it’s something I can use a lot for pasta other types of dough which I work with a lot if you’re not going to if you don’t think you’re going to use something like that then I also showed you how you can do it by hand so now what you need to do is take one of the smaller dough balls which we have resting and dredge it in flour on both sides set the dough roller to one which is the largest setting to start off with and roll the dough through on the largest setting then I switch it to number two which makes us thinner sheet and I go ahead and put it through on number two at this point what I did was I fold it over the edges of the sheet of dough just to make it a little bit thinner you don’t have to do it but just helps to keep the shape a little bit better and then I put it through again on number one and then again on number two make sure you keep adding flour to prevent the dough from sticking to the machine then I put the dough through on number three and up to number four if the dough becomes too long for you to handle what you can do is cut it into either two or three pieces yeah so I stopped after number four because that was thin enough to my liking but you can keep going if you want thinner dotes really up to you then what I did was I coated it well with flour on both sides and I placed them on a baking sheet three in each stack and then I heated them in a warm oven which was set to 200 degrees Fahrenheit it’s not very hot at all because you really you don’t want to cook it you don’t want it to dry out too much just want the dough to dry out enough so that it’s easy to work with when you’re folding it and it’s and it keeps a nice triangle shape that’s really the only reason otherwise you know it’s not a necessary step but just helps to make the sambusa look nicer yeah and I only put them in the oven for about 4 to 5 minutes that’s all it needs and you can see what the dough looks like after it’s been cooked for a couple minutes now to roll out the dough by hand um I’m going to take the two larger dough balls which I made and I’m going to again coat them in flour to keep them from sticking and I’m basically going to try and if you’ve made if you’ve seen the video for meloa or the move back video it’s the same kind of a thing where you just need to don’t roll a toss out a very thin sheet of dough with your hands so I start by pushing it onto the table until it gets to a large circle and then I stretch it with my hands and I am going to place it over the back of a baking pan and kind of just stretch it to fit the shape of the baking pan you want to try to keep it as even as possible in thickness oh I forgot to mention need to put you need to put oil on the baking pan so it doesn’t stick once it’s stretched over the baking pan just let it sit for five minutes before you cut it so it doesn’t string shrink back cut it into the desired size that you want according to your pan and again just place this in the 200 degree oven for about four minutes once it’s done remove it from the pan and you can cut off any pieces to make it like a rectangle shape if you want that I layered flour in between mine you know coated it with flour and stacked it up for storage I wrapped it in plastic and if you have if you don’t want to use it all today you could put it in the fridge for a couple days and also put it in the freezer for a longer time I like to start off with a triangle on the end it just makes it easier to to make the shape so I go for like an equilateral equilateral triangle shape and then and I put the filling into a triangle shape and then I fold it over so the triangle is like reversed first it’s pointing down then it’s pointing up and then fold it over again so it’s reversed again and then continue until the end if you have any extra on the end you can just cut it off or tuck it in and if the end is a little bit dry sometimes it’s dry sometimes not but you can put water or water and flour to make it stick and of course you’re going to fry those and then they’ll come out golden brown I’m Katherine thanks for watching my video and if you’re interested in more videos like this one check out my channel she’ll be on many foods thanks for watching you

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