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Samosa Squares Chicken & Piccalilli | Ramadan Recipes | Indian Cooking Recipes | Cook with Anisa



hi guys thank you for joining me in my kitchen I've got another delicious recipe for you to try if you're new here subscribe to stay up to date with new recipes every week today we are making chicken a chicken it's where they are so delicious and easy to make you're gonna love these very popular in Asian homes especially kids great as a snack picnics let's say yes you can find all the ingredients in your local supermarket if you like this please do give me a thumbs up that being said let's get started this is so easy to make you just need a few ingredients which are 500 grams of chicken fill it cut into small pieces to medium potatoes chopped into small pieces 2 medium onions finely chopped 65 grams of butter 1 TSP of whole cumin some garlic cloves and fresh chilies which I am going to grind into a paste 5 tablespoons of chili and garlic sauce and about 5 tablespoons of piggledy sauce which I have liquid ice now these sources are quite chunky and flavoursome so you shouldn't need to add any salt that's healthy anyway but what I would advise is taste the mixture as you go along and add salt if you think you need to a package of spring roll sheets and some flour paste which acts like a glue click on the link to see how it's made so in my preheated pot I'm going to add in the butter and I'm going to let this melt slightly and then the onions and the cumin seeds we're just going to mix that in company I'm just going to let the onions cook until they're salty and soft and while that's happening I am just going to make the chili and garlic paste now you can use a machine to do this but I find a pestle and mortar brings more flavor I'm kind of therapeutic as well you should take you no longer than a few minutes you're almost done okay so it should look something like this and it's about four teaspoons here which I'll be using all of it okay so by the time you finish your pace you should find that the onions should be ready they look nice now what I'll be doing now is I think the chicken to it I'm just gonna mix all of this in but also I'm going to mark the chilli and garlic paste as well it goes all of it I'm going to cover and cook on medium to high and then I'll leave to check on this in a few minutes okay so the chickens cooking nicely and now I'm going to add in the potatoes and they should take too long to pour because I have cut them flat for they'll put quite quickly and I'm just going to mix that gently in let me just check the potatoes are done yep that's all done I'm just going to lower the gas setting and adding their sources so that's the piccalilli sauce and the chili garlic sauce comes in I'm going to very gently mix the sources in I don't want to break the potatoes so that's all done now and I'm just going to let the mixture cool before I wrap them into squares at this point you can taste it a Denny's salt or if you want to add more the sauces go ahead and you can also add some lemon juice and then finally I'm going to chop up the green fresh coriander so the mixture is ready now and I've cut the sheets into 2-inch strips and now we're ready to make the squares so okay so to make a square what we need to do is take two strips and on one of them put a thin layer of this paste on this edge New York take the other strip and stick that on I take a look a bit of your mixture and then put one of the strip's over and then some more paste and then wrap the other strip over and then turn it over put some more paste on wrap that over like this some more turn it over again my taste Oh and again the same just a little bit here let's take that down there you go okay so the oils ready that sizzling so let's get frying when the nice and golden they're ready to take out then go all done they should be golden color and crunchy like this try it out let me know what you think in the comments below or you can even tag me in a picture if you've made this before I would love to hear what you did different if you enjoy this please do leave me a thumbs up and to see more delicious recipes do you subscribe thank you for watching and I'll see you next time

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