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Hello all friends and welcome to my channel We are now getting ready to go out

To where or which direction is yet to be determine because we just decided about 10PM last night Now we are going to go meet and discuss and decide where we are going to go All friends, let's watch and enjoy with me OK (Naly singing Khmer song) This is the wind farm along highway 580 After we talked and discussed we decided to go to Santa Cruz

Our choices were Half Moon Bay, San Francisco and Santa Cruz However, most people here haven't been to Santa Cruz so we decided to go there and also we have kids too About 40 mins left We passed San Jose and now in Campbell on highway 17 Check out the road

It's winding There's 30 mins left The road is winding People behind us all changed lanes as we drive slow It's OK

During the rainy season, it's difficult to drive The road is wet and slippery There's only 2 lanes and it's winding all the way But it's fun to drive It's better to drive on the right lane

There's no shoulder left on the road if you overturn, you are in trouble Must be careful You can't really go fast when you follow each other That's my brother's car in the front So this time we are taking 2 cars

We arrive in Santa Cruz Just got off the winding road Brother drive and does not turn on the AC He rolls down the window Does he have it down now? On the freeway it's too loud to put the windows down

He said it's not good to turn on the AC Now we are here At the park Oh there's the entrance We are almost at the beach but they fear that there's no shade at the beach so we stop at a nearby park to eat something then continue on to the beach

A mat, ice chest and rice box – That's it? – Yes Mommy? How do we go in and play? Wait just a bit Look at the water Oh they have lotus too! Pick it, over there

They said eat her for now once we arrive at the beach it's difficult to carry stuff We eat now and when we get there, we just enjoy That's one way to do it Adrian, did you bring your swimming clothes? Sunblock, I know Oun Naly sit and relax? How is it Matthew? My pork! I cooked it this morning

Try my pork The one in the banana leaves Where's their mom? There mom is over there? They have a mom, dad, brothers and sisters Where? Right there All of them

Don't go too close Come back Stand and watch from here Don't go Naly They might chase you

Don't go, they are going to chase She needs to be careful Mommy, can I go with her? No, can't come You are allow inside Naly There's nothing, just a big ball or root

You can't pull it Because their roots are deep It says, "no Mom come in" What does it say Naly? I show you where the sign is Oh, Naly is going to show me the sign

It's right here It says "don't let Aunty go in" She says the signs says "don't let Aunty go in" It doesn't read like that, let me see that thing It says, "do not let little kid go in", that's you

And not for big girl too Not for Aunty too Whao! Look at this one WOW! It's pretty It's big

I wonder how I can get 1 piece I am going to go that way and try to get a small one Get the lotus Yeah, I just want a small piece right here and I couldn't reach, I am going to go get it I don't know, we're not related

It doesn't have roots No, it's probably deep already since it's so developed I said condo is a house she said I don't know I don't know = ot dung te She translate into Khmer

I don't know = ot dung te Why, why? She keeps asking why I told her condo is a house She's always asking Ask until she runs out of questions

Is it this place? This is just one side of it It's all along the right hand side Some people doesn't walk all the way here They just go to that area there I see the sign

Oh I love it We're here Right there See? They have palm trees It says "swim in there"

See, Naly is reading the sign Earlier at the pond, she said the sign read "Aunty do not enter: What is it Naly? I said "in your face, I love you" What is that? Sunday, I love you? I don't know how to translate that You pay one flat rate per day

$15 a day, from 11AM to 11PM Let's go Naly I have buckets too, in here What do you have Naly? Lots of toys in here Who toys are they? I don't know

Coming guys Ride that so my brain can shake Oh it's cold It's very cold! Oh my god My feet are cold

Eli, it's going to be cold if you go in Show your style It's Monday today but there's a lot of people because the kids are out of school Up on shore is hot but the water is really cold The sands are so soft

Oh Eli She wants to be a mermaid There goes your mermaid Harvesting sand crab When the waves hit you hold it like that? Ops, one sliped away

The waves loosen up the sand Maybe it fell out of your pocket Out from your pocket Go to a different spot Got another one

Get the blue shovel for Uncle Do you see the kid playing in the water and sand? He digs and puts in his pocket It doesn't pinch you? Once we get home then we will pinch They are full of eggs Every one check out these 3 guys

They are not just standing and soaking their feet soaking for a reason soaking with a purpose So they dig the sand and when the waves come it will cave a hole then the sand crab comes out You then collect them and put them in the pocket then transfer to the ice chest We arrived and came straight to the water and haven't went to the rides or the carnival games yet like popping the balloon for prizes We haven't got to those places yet

Can you tell Mommy what you are doing? I am making a swimming pool Oun Naly making a swimming pool? You messing up her swimming pool Stop it guy It don't fit you You are too big

Get the bucket Maybe you get it When you touch it, it moves Naly and her Dad is standing in line waiting to rinse They have clean water to wash yourself off

Earlier they were in the salty ocean water That's a funnel cake It's $13 each My family is playing toss the dime in a glass You are going for the red one? Yeah, that you get the prize on the top

It has to jump from one to land on that Otherwise it jumps Throw it to the glass How much did it cost you? $1 USD Get the shot glass to eat baby eggs (balut)

I want it but it goes into the big glass Waiting of change We use to go to the fair when we were little and we like to play this game so this brings up our childhood memories Husband has a straight shot, he got one Pretty good since he's holding Eli with one hand

You got to do it again so I can get it on camera What did you get? We got 2 in, in the same cup We took all these cups How much did you spend for these? I spend $2 USD for this So 2 for $1 USD

And we got one of this too? I don't know what I'm going to do with this – So different – Put makeup So I need a bigger box So you win a small prize? 2 to 3 cups win a small

Get one of those That's $3 USD What color? Mommy, why so long to go? Julianna I'm scared Mommy! Adrian! Are you having fun? He's scared? Naly Oun Naly scared

Oun Naly scared Oun Naly big It made me so dizzy I'm dizzy Mommy, I say hi to everyone

OK, no more Aww, I want more OK, we are now heading back home Before we go, we must pay first It's now 7PM not sure if we will hit traffic or not we hope there's no traffic

Also not sure if we will stop by any places on the way Will have to wait and see We are heading back and now at the winding road again We are now home and preparing to cook the sand crab that we caught today It's already dust in flour Salt, pepper and lime juice (to dip)

There are 77 sand crabs in this pan Each and every one has eggs in them When it's fresh they the shells are brighter Can't catch in deep water They swim away

On the sand you can chase after and catch them They run into your feet and stuck in between your toes Sometime you dig in the sand with your feet and then just grab them Once it cools down it will be crunchy First impression

It's like soft shell crab It's like salt & pepper shrimp huh? It's like eating the shell It's like the deep fried shrimp that you can with the shell I'm telling those who never tried or taste these That's stir fry lemongrass chicken

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