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Sardinas Pasta Paano Yon?! I EASY, AFFORDABLE & DELicious Recipes



ingredients list is in description box first, put the oil next, garlic Make sure it'll not burned

Next, the onion Sauteee then the sardines So how's your day ? Me, Im good Even we are still under ECQ, Im very happy to share this easy, affordable, Healthy and DELicious recipe !! btw, this covid 19 we will ge through this lets just keep on praying ! Share your stories during ecq !! lets crush the fish into small pieces then add salt and pepper to taste mix it ! is there something you want me to cook ? Comment down below !!!! the color brown you see, that's the pork cube for a tastier taste ! But this is Optional guys now add the pasta ! mix it ! add the parsley for more flavor but this is optional too mix mix mix tada ! this is how I cook Sardines Pasta Try this ! I promise it is very worth it ! then share your thoughts in the comment section for more videos, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and click the BELL !

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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