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Scum – How To Cook Food – Scum Starter Guide (New Survival Game)



hey guys welcome back now a lot of people have asked their comments from my Starter guides how do you actually make a campfire and cook food you can see here I have a meat skewer here and I have a campfire no I'm gonna go from very start to finish ignore what I'm wearing the only thing that was gonna be different as you'll be able to carry all the steps but I'll show you how to bundle them or you have to take them off by hand now ideally you want to try and find a large bush but the one over here just jump over here go to the large bush you first of all gonna have to find some rocks no just look in the ground press F play some rocks two small rocks right click make a stone knife now as ever always important make sure a stone knife just carried it over into your actual inventory or you won't have it so they put that near I'm going to cut this brush down cut the bush a couple of minutes to see it through it pushes down go to long sticks cut them into small sex like so antek the other long stick and cut that into small sticks as well well you get as many sticks as possible once that's done you go to your crafting you'll see a campfire and move back a little bit if you wanted I tend to stay away from the water because it goes like a slope click on your campfire craft the campfire the campfire you also need some sort of rag or rag straps and say did as well no show out a second have what I mean now don't think you just need you've gotten powder you're doing if you click the little wireless here I will show you the alternative things you can use like rags drag straps you can carp an old heart opener gloves anything else just off you're fine lately gunpowder it seems to be the easiest thing to feign anyway to show me too hard there I can't fire in place where no do you need to get more bush so cut less if you can't get all the sticks in one place just bundle the steps like I said and tick them all up and drop them down walks on your hands and just unwrap them again so now you're gonna make a drill step sorry a fire drill so you'll see here we have more small sticks to make a fire drill it requires your store knife and two long wooden sticks easy craft at again make sure actually goes into your inventory because some things they don't but now no the next part I'm gonna craft this but I'm not going to use this one because I've got the meat on a stick a little many on me or me just know so go to the skewer but it's actually the food skewer so the meat them in your inventory and what he slots or on the vicinity of the floor and you're gonna work doing this one the skewer of meat Wednesday you know venturi I'm just going to us know so you can see what it's like it's only craft this just so you can see it in general just a lot whale again make sure there's no all puppets run about because they're all just run over and stop cocking it just be careful your best escape when you're crafting is we always get over you see it crafts that you can actually tell your hands I got this screw up and you can put it down over the fire no we're not going to don't just know so we're just gonna put that down because we have another one no I'm just go back over here and grab this one now you see done up teeka back will be able to shoes that's one over here nobody'll like that fireworks ready to light your fire as well so now we've also here and we light the fire because we know we have the fire drill this allows us to light a fire so you got to it hold F like fire like so you're getting them entry put this into your hand when the fires light look at it hold F and cook guys that is that that is done pick it up and eat easy as that don't be put off by all the different things you have to do it is super simple you know just eat that for do you want with this here you can make better files but this is the first fire your publican and meek so also when you've got a fire you can see that I'm wait just over into the water if you would draw your cloves see what I've got there's no line so let's trucks at top if I put on the floor I can now start drying now so once you're cooking food and stuff put your clothes down just dry your clothes off as well so drop that there and a quick one on the crafting now a lot of people have asked what the different colors are if it's red behind it you don't have the materials to make it if it's yellow behind there have some of the materials so you have to find the rest and again you can just click through the interiors and provides ropes etcetera are four different items you just use the ones that are shown if it's gray behind it you don't have the crafting ability to make that okay so that's what that means a lot of people have asked that question as well so you guys are gonna keep trading more gauge that are basic gates because a lot of people are starting to play the game though and it's just to get them started I'm a trained you're some advanced guides but I want to try and get like a little series or so long one there are sorry so it may take about time the guys stopping by and I'll see you in the next one

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