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SEA SNAIL PERIWINKLES FORAGE at BODEGA BAY | COOK & EAT ប្រទះខ្យងសមុទ្រ មិនបង្អង់យូចាប់ស្ងោរភ្លាមៗ



Hello all friends, welcome to my channel Thank you for tuning in

As you can see in the video title today our family will be going crabbing, clam digging and seafood forage again We went last time and enjoyed it and so we are going again We don't know how many families will be joining us this time Let's see this time around if any difference from our last trip with food and activities as well as scenery We are thinking of go trying something different depending on circumstance OK, so let's enjoy this video together

We reached our pit stop for restroom break and buy some snacks From here it's about an hour away It's almost 2PM we had just arrived We arrived early than last time as there was less traffic Here's the canopy that we bought the other day At that time I picked the red one when I got home I realized the red will fade too quickly when expose to the sun Therefore I exchanged it for a grey color

Also if I want to use it in the backyard it will match with the house This time we have a few chef helping out Right now they are picking holy basil and cutting chilies preparing to make stir fry lemongrass paste The lemongrass paste smells so good I also brought a bottle this time so we have more

Water to use for cleaning veggies and cooking rice Heated heart Husband has a heated heart and wants to jump in the water Eli can see you Don't waste, try to forage for something maybe there's some types of seafood

See? Don't waste a trip Can you eat these perwinkles? Bring it Do we have any lemongrass paste to stir fry? Bring a few up Let's see what kind

Maybe we can cook and dip with salt & pepper There's plenty huh? Come to the sea and there's no shortage of food there's clams, seashells and snails Only short of the forager Just that and he got a handful Let's see what kind

In short, once it's cook, it's edible Keep them in your pocket Not sure if these are edible or not Just bring them up first Sisters, check them out

They are periwinkles Edible? Take it, it's edible Last time we came he was searching for crabs now he is looking for periwinkles These are sea periwinkles Are they stuck to the rocks? Oh, you have to pick them off the rocks? Soon we are going to suck on them

They suck to the rocks and soon we will suck on them Crab fisher is throwing the nets in Here are the periwinkles They look very good What are you eating? Baby duck eggs

Periwinkles forager He's eating the albumen too This is the chefs' row They are hustling Check this out

Since there's a whole bunch of holy basil So yummy! A big pot of stir fry lemongrass paste chicken is done Now starting to cook the periwinkles It's now 3:30PM we are all done eating rice with stir fry lemongrass chicken This time the sky is now as foggy as last time

Last time we arrived at 3:30PM but the sky was so foggy you can rarely see the other side This time you can see it clearly Like I mentioned, the other side is a campground site but there's a fee because they have amenities So you need to book it in advance Eli, what are you calling with that noise? Did you all see that? Those periwinkles are small but they are pack with meat

After boiling some to see how it taste, we really like it so the husband went down again looking for more These are stuck to the rocks so it's not as sandy Just rinse it out a bit and boil them then eat it If cooking at home lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves can be added when cooking them The sisters said to stir fry with lemongrass paste or prepare with neem salad or make Cambodian green veggies soup

They are attached to here Can you pick them off? Oh that's a lot when you can pick them off the rocks When the tide is low you can clearly see them Wow! Do you all see that? You come here and there's no shortage of food These crawl

Yeah, they are crawling They are going back home Oh they are going It's going to fall back in the water The sun is going into my eye

I see some reddish Oh 3! 4! Can you all take a guess how many? Oh, one dropped It's oversized? The size limit is different huh? 4 inches and over There's 3 there 3 and toss 1 and kept 2

How many caught? Got 3 but toss 1 and kept only 2 The other one is missing a claw Let it grow out some claws then re-catch it He threw it in once but the net flap didn't open so had to reel it back in and throw it out again The crab can't enter if the flap is closed Throw it in a way so that flap is open

It closed again Do it over again This one stayed opened Leave it alone like that reel it in to check in a bit Here's the waiter

This one is tough There's 6 in this bucket and the other bucket has also 6-7 Now over 10 caught It's now 5PM the husband is making the bed for the wife and kids The wife and kids will go out for a walk to check out some sea creatures like hiding in the rocks so the husband volunteered to set up It will be all done with the wife and kid returns

Can just go in and sleep Let's take a picture like that We are now going to head down to the beach here Last time I came and did not come down here let's see how the path down is like Be careful Naly

Are you OK? Yeah Hold my hand, I told you to hold my hand Stop, stop OK one step, two steps, three steps, four steps, five steps, jump! The path down is easy OK, we are here

Don't jump like that Watch out you might fall Wait here first Oh this water falls from the mountain This is unsalted water not sea water

We are now down at the beach The the tide is low this is the spot we dig for the horseneck clams Now I know what it is called in Khmer Thank you all for letting me know what it is called in Khmer in Khmer translate to: Elephant Trunk Clams From this spot you can see our spot right there

The grey canopies Right here, is another Khmer group a lot of people, like 5 cars I walked by earlier and know them They are from Stockton They are also staying here overnight

They invited us to sing karaoke with them tonight The clam digger has arrived Show a little muscle Sisters! I'm taking my jacket off now Oh, there's water under there huh? Flex his muscle

It's now 9PM at night we are frying up some beef just to eat and wait a bit until we cook more crabs You can't really see but here's the chef frying Guest singer How is it? Drink and showing monster face I heard noise after drinking

Yeah you drink and the monster sound comes out This is the king of crab We are now preparing to cook the crab the 2nd pot Good morning all friends, it's now 6:30AM and I just woke up It says low tide today is at 7:30AM It's starting to resend but not at the lowest point

It looks like the lowest level today will not be as low as when we were here before Hopefully it is low enough that we can dig for some clams Let's see Last night after cooking the 2nd pot of crabs we all ate and went to bed at around 12 midnight Everyone did not want to stay up to late and want to wake up early to beat the low tide

Let's see how many clams we can dig today Let's see if our digging method and technique has improved from last time If that much sand, if you know how to dig you would get a lot of clams But this spot has lots of rocks Makes the hands hurts when digging not sandy like the other side Unless the tide goes lower than that then there's more sand Let's see what he got

We only have 3 cars this time but each car has additional people My brother added one person My car still 4 people The car behind mine added 2 more people We parked like this to help block the wind

Right now they went all the way over there I'm still over here because the 2 kids are not awake yet I have to wait for them So this video is episode #98 For episode #100, I would like to do something a little special

I would like to respond to my viewer's questions those that asked me in different videos Some of the questions are repetitive which I don't mind at all because some viewers discovered me in different episode They are bound to have questions I am going to make a video and select your questions and answer them I am going to make this an opportunity for you to comment with your questions

If I could, I will answer them if they are not too personal It's 7:30AM and Eli is now awake He is first Oun Naly is still sleeping Good morning

Good morning Baby crab Naly calls her brother Baby crab but she doesn't say the word crab in Khmer clearly Naly is under the blanket, can't see her Eli is sitting on top of his sister She still not awake

You're flipping over every where Baby Eli He's biting

Rice porridge with meatball and carrots He likes it a bit thick and creamy Doesn't want his bottle now Eli is big now He's not blinking

How many are in there Naly? 1,2,3,4 that's enough 5 No, there's more than that but Naly only count in Khmer up to 4 Oh this is a big one! This one is really big! Maybe it's a rock crab Oun Naly saw a big crab

That crab is Eli It's the same, his friend It's not coming out What can Mommy do to make it come out Naly he's crawling away

Going away That's a big one Oh there's another one That's a big one Over there

It's going to go away Pick it out here No, you hook it I don't want to eat a big crab Why? Because Oun Naly cannot finish it

Oh, can't finish it? Yeah Oun Naly eat a little bit Go play then drink milk It's going away That's a big one

Gonna go away Here's a periwinkle The one Papa took Let Oun Naly see Get it

Pull it off Keep it for Pa There's nothing in there That's a snail for cooking Why it's not moving? Not yet

Why so many? It's try to move in my hand I feel it Look, record it quick It's going to fall That's a lot Naly

Can you press and record it Can you all see? These are mussels They are under the rocks I don't have anything to pry it off There's 6 of them It's not almost 10AM It looks like we have no luck with the horseneck clams so only crab this time

This one is very big There are some here and also some in the red ice chest Yesterday 2 of these crab net broke off That cost $25 USD each You use the wrong finish line weight You have to use the appropriate weight to handle the net because it's heavy

Support the bait, the crab and seaweed If you don't use the correct finish line, it will break off when you throw it Those who wants to come try it, be prepare If not, that cost you $25 USD and no crabs it will be a lost Do it correctly and you get some crabs making it worth it

Right now they are preparing to cook rice to eat for lunch This morning we had coffee and instant noodle Pork and chicken jerky These flat ones are chicken The top are pork

Our food for lunch Dipping sauce The sun is out right now so bright It's too sunny they said the crab is not eating the bait What are you doing Oun Naly? Oun Naly looking at the Grandma's phone with Adrian

Look at this bunny We are done eating and not packing up This time we are going back sooner than before because we have something to take care also because we did not get any horseneck clams this time Due to the tide not low enough like before The clams was not squirting water for us to see

My husband did try to dig it and only got 1 small one then he stopped This time we only got the periwinkle yesterday I am going to try making stir fry lemongrass with it Also got an ice chestful of crabs Actually a few ice chest but she split them

Thank you all friend for watching this video Don't forget on the #100 episode will be a question and answer vlog so if you have any questions, drop them in the comment See you in the next episode Bye-bye We were on our way home but saw some interesting green grasses makes you crave for some Khmer fish dip

So they got off to snip the tender tips enough for a meal or two The pink flower are that of these green leaves But you can snip off their tender tips and use it to dip in sauces The Khmer here calls this the 80 vegetable It was grown along highway 80 so they call it 80 vegetable

Oh, they used to pick them along Interstate 80 to Reno That's how it got this name If you tried and know it's real name please let me know We now reached another stop Do you know the name of this in English? It's called naked lady

Naked lady flower because it does not have any leaves and when it pops up, it's naked and only has flowers Plant them in groups and it looks nice Get a few bulbs and it spread Why do you snap the stems? Oh to display at home Dig and take some bulbs

Dig with the soil and shake it off at home Plant them in groups and it's pretty Can you here Eli snoring? Now that he sleeps, he's snoring They say he's tiny but full of jelly This one is also asleep

Ran out of air We are probably going to head straight home now no more stopping Let's see what time we get home It's now 1:15PM We left the place for awhile now We are stuck in traffic in the city of Petaluma

We arrived home around 3:30PM there were no traffic so we got home sooner than thought Here are the crabs that my brother caught We split and shared some and this is our portion And like mentioned, this time we got some periwinkles I will try to use it to make stir fry lemongrass paste and see how good it taste

So this evening we will have steamed crabs Crab has been steamed with beer A big tray of it Eaten with cucumbers and green tomatoes grown in the backyard With some Cambodian mint with some Koh Kong, Kampot or sour fish sauce depending on who's eating and how you call it

We are now going to enjoy

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