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[SeoulF:D] HOW TO COOK GalbiJjim (Braised Short Rib) & Oi-Sobagi (Cucumber Kimchi) – Korean Cooking



Hello guys, I'm Craig I'm gonna teach you how to cook Korean food I’ll make braised short ribs ,cucumber Kimchi we called Galbi-jjim and oi-so-bagi Before we start, Galbi-jjim is soy sauce base braised short ribs, Oi-Sobagi is kind of Cucumber Kimchi Do you know How many types of Kimchi? over 300 we have a lots of types kimchi and you need to cook the steam rice as well we are seoulf:d Start with pear we need to peel the skin off a pear you can use peeler but I'm a chef Luke:Very nice Take off the seed just cut roughly grab the blander put marinade sauce ingredient in the blander then blizt $%@$^#$%@@$ I'll use this beef short rib I ask to butcher to cut like this but If you can get like this one it's okay I'll show you 1 take the tendon off 2

take the bone off and cut nice size I'm going to marinade beef put the beef and marinade sauce in the bowl together marinade at least 2 hours but, if you don't have time marinade as possible as you can cut all the vegetables start with onion slightly cut the root just this much try not to remove the root when you chop the onions because it can look quite messy when the onions are scattered and the root kind of holds the onions so it doesn't scatter cut the onion in half and cut 3pieces cut the carrot and potato shape like chestnut try to cut same size and shape It'll help the Galbi-jjim looks good cut carrot in half cut 3piece and shape edge you don't need to cut perfact just cut as much as you can peel the potato skin off cut 4piece shape edge like carrot looks like chestnut? this is Luke's favorit SHIITAKE!! ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ don't need to cut stemp we need to peel the skin off chestnut we normally use fresh chestnut but I got accident but!! It's okay I can use for Galbi-jjim let's skin off ! cut spring onion , chili for the garnish cut 4cm-5cm slice diagonally 90% done 95%done put the marinated beef,sauce and vegetables and add water 200ml let's start cook !! put on the stove start from high heat next, I'll make Oi-sobagi cut the cucumber and chives we need 1/2 ea cucumber cut this cucumber looks like 4-5cm stick cut chives into 4-5cm season the cucumbers with salt put the cucumbers in a bowl and season with salt I'll make seasoning for Oi-sobagi put sauce ingredient in a bowl and mix have to taste if it's too spicy, add more sugar when Galbi-jjim start boil, add cinnamon stick reduce to the low heat untill all cook rinse the cucumber put the cucumbers and chives, seasoning in a bowl together mix all thgether Gently ~ Done 30mins done!! check the beef and all vegetables everything cook Turn it into high heat for the glaze see you next week

Source: Youtube

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