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[Seoulf:D] HOW TO COOK Korean Style Chicken Soup & Calamari Salad! – Korean Cooking Class



Hello, this is Luke Melbourne is a really cold winter now So what I prepared today is a chicken tortilla and squid

Chicken tongue is Korean style and I make it in the way I like and it is with the present And it is sour squid stuffed Are you ready? Shall we get started? We are SeoulF: D I will make chicken broth first and start to cut squid Finally, we will make soup using chicken broth and finish Start

First, dip the surface into the water Please let it be before we prepare for the moment We need the vegetables needed for the next broth You can comfortably cook the vegetables and put them in a pan Slice the onion in half

You can use it if you have carrots left over If you do not have one, please put it Please cut in half green green part Please slice the roots One red pepper Put 2 liters of water into the pot

Put the chicken into the pot with the boiler There is no need to trim Very large Australian chickens have no mercy Please wash once

Please put the chicken in the sauna It is a prank It starts with a light bulb I'll boil it for at least 2 hours The broth is boiling

Reduce it to about fire and boil it for at least 2 hours quietly It steadily removes oil and impurities during boiling If you remove impurities, you will get clearer broth Shall we cut the squid? I've got a squid tube Squid tubes are easier to clean because there is no need to trim

If you have a shell, please remove it After splitting from bottom to top Cut one more in half Use the outer surface to cut That way squid rolls well Then give out the beehive Do not follow me

Slide the knife in as much as possible I entered well It is time to crush the squid Give shape Slice it in the middle We divide it into three chapters If you can not make a honeycomb, just follow this

If you want different shapes, please do this I dig a squid When the water begins to boil, please put it Please cook properly Too much squid is too strong

I do not like chewiness The squid are starting to dry It lasts from one to two minutes It is very moderate Everything is ready

It will filter the sieve Then cool in cold water immediately Trim the vegetables for cuttlefish Slice onions, carrots, peppers, leeks and lettuce Onion first Ho da da da da da a Da da da Close and close da da da Remove it slightly and put it on a plate

carrot! Peel off Please slice it thin like onion Carrot Muscle Muscle Muscle Muscle Muscle Muscle Muscle After all, I'm going to go to the school wave White and green parts are required Cut it separately After it has been cut in half Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Start the green part

Please make it the same length When the vegetables are cut short, it is not as good when mixed But if you slice it long, it will be very beautiful when mixed After all overlap Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Sapa Sapa Sappor Chili peppers are cut for color and flavor and slightly hot Cut the top and bottom

Remove the seeds Using a spoon is easier ㅅ Use the teaspoon to remove the seeds Please cut to length

Chilli Chilli Chilli Chilli Chilli Chilli Chilli Chilli Chilli Chicken Slice apples for natural sweetness Apple apple apple After all overlap Apples are expensive, expensive and expensive Finally the course lettuce Remove some of the outer parts After removing the base Next, slice it to thin Degda Dagda Doc Duct Duct It's over

It is really beautiful Makes seasoning for cuttlefish Put all ingredients in the bowl TBSP is rice spoon and tsp is teaspoon Tonghutu Sesame vinegar Sesame oil Chili powder Mix well If you have a little bit of sugar, please add more sugar to your taste If you use less sugar than vinegar, you have a lot of seasonings

So you have to balance sugar and vinegar You see? I'm going to show you why I need to slice it long and thin You'll like it ^^ Try to put it on a plate If you need other scented vegetables, we recommend parsley and dill Finally, I will boil the face I put it in water for about an hour

When the water boils, please put it Please boil for 5 to 6 minutes It will filter the sieve Let's taste the broth The chicken soup water will filter the sieve

Put the chicken on the other tray I will throw away all the vegetables Very very good Cool in the refrigerator After boiling the broth, boil once more to remove fat

Gently boil and remove fat After boiling for about 5 minutes, finish It tears the chicken Please tear after wearing gloves Removes all bones

I've been working in Korea and Australia on a staff style Everyone liked it so much My friend who was drunk and drank this fell into a deep sleep It's a very good food for a hangover But who will make it the next day? I do not

It's still very hot Therefore, you should cool more in the refrigerator But I'm a chef ^ ^ Now we spice the chicken

A little bit pepper vinegar Sesame Sesame oil pepper Salt Please mix The broth is finished Please come to the ball Please season it Soy sauce Let's try to put the chicken grist

I will give it to you first I will put the chicken on top Finally, we will serve the broth Finally, sesame seeds are finished with parsley Chicken tortillas and cuttlefish are finished

How about Korean food? These are great to eat in winter Try and have a warm winter! Thank you very much for cooking with me Meet you next time We are SeoulF: D I'm Luke Hi!

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