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Hello, it's Ann from Veggie Magnifique, and today we're making these delectable sesame cookies So tahini

sesame it's all there, and I'm gonna show you how to make them So for this recipe you actually only need what you see here I know that's unbelievable but it is true These cookies are extremely pure, extremely simple — let's go with the word extremely –extremely healthy and extremely delicious They are extreme

So first you take a bowl Now this bowl is happiness incarnate This is a lovely Tiffany bowl — and I think it's gonna make the cookies taste better So for this recipe you're going to need sesame butter, almonds, sesame seeds, flax seed, baking soda, maple syrup That is it You can call these miracle cookies — I do Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's make them First, this is a new jar — ah there we go

Ah there we go We're going to add a half cup of tahini to the bowl Alright So one thing you should know about these recipes — especially my recipes — is that it's a bit ad-hoc really So it depends on your oven, it depends on your cups

I would say follow my instructions, sure, but then also if you think it needs a little bit more of this, a little bit more of that, as always, do as you see fit So we've added our tahini, and now we're going to add five tablespoons of maple

It's a better sugar than, say, white sugar, you know, refined sugar It's a better sugar So I should count here — two three four and five Excellent So we're just gonna mix this up before we add in the other ingredients to create this delectable paste

Now just as a little side tip here — this makes an amazing morning spread (How do you say that in English?) This makes an amazing spread for your toast in the morning, if you want to have a tahini toast just, like, it's a double recipe — double-whammy, right? I'm making cookies but if you just want to make a delightful alternative to Nutella and like a billion times healthier, just mix maple syrup and tahini Guys, life-changing, life-changing right there This is where it's at (Just kidding

) Alright, next up, we're going to add a few more things Now we're going to add flaxseed — why are we adding flaxseed? We're adding flaxseed because you really want to try to get flaxseed in your diet every day And so that's why I'm throwing it in It's actually not even necessary — the cookies work without it, I tried — I've been doing recipe testing and eating way too many sesame cookies, but I'm adding it because it's so healthy for you So it gives you ALA which converts into omega-3s, and it has this special thing called lignans and you want those So we're mixing that up Next we're going to make our flour

So you'll notice there's no refined flour — in fact it's just almonds And obviously you know that almonds are a delicious and nutrient-dense food, that we want to include in our diet, so of course we're throwing them in the cookies! So we are going to make our flour in this blender here Pour in a FULL cup of almonds You'll notice I didn't measure the flaxseed — that's because I'm kind of an eye-baller but it's about a tablespoon And we're going to blend — Or not

So, let's blend So you might see recipes out about town with almond flour and you're like, "I don't have almond flour" Actually, you do You just need almonds and a blending device I mean you could even mortar and pestle those things if you wanted It would take a while, but functional workout right? So we're going to add in our almond flour to the top

You'll notice I'm using one bowl, because ain't nobody got time for two bowls There we go I'll clean this later, I promise Now we've got our almond flour and before we mix we're gonna add a little bit of baking soda, because you know we need a little bit of a fluffification agent And you're gonna add about 1/4 of a teaspoon

Now you're wondering about these sesame seeds, aren't you? And you have to be patient, they're coming So we're gonna mix up this batter carefully I was contemplating calling these cookies "calcium balls" or "zinc balls," because sesame seeds are so rich in calcium and zinc they're just, absolutely, something you really want to get in your diet because they're so delicious of course, but they're also so good for you, and I think the sesame seed isn't lauded enough for its nutritional benefits And of course tahini is literally just blended up sesame seeds, and so as a result you're really getting all those nutrients in in droves Okay, perfect

So the batter should be kind of sticky — it should look like this And as tempting as it is to just eat it, if you do, you won't have any cookies! So, don't! Okay, now we're going to make them into little balls, and do my absolute favorite part So you're gonna take your sesame seeds and you're going to take your cookie sheet — so I'm gonna go get that So here we are with our lovely cookie sheet So we're gonna make little balls of delightful batter

And so it's gonna look like this — it looks kind of like a bliss ball (It is blissful) And we're just going to roll it in the sesame seeds

I forgot salt — I forgot salt This batter needs a pinch of salt Let's do that Cuz these cookies are really good with — this is too much — okay So we're going to add a pinch of salt to the batter, you should do this a little bit earlier but I forgot

Okay Actually, I'm gonna put this in here, too Okay, so now that we've added the salt which was important because it really gives it a delightful little tingle of salt, we're going to make these balls, and we're going to roll them in the sesame seeds

Now this is actually extremely satisfying, you're just kind of like getting all a little bits of sticky batter all up in those sesame seeds, So this is my absolute favorite part — what we're going to do is we're gonna make them into cookies, and you're gonna take the bottom of a jar and you're just gonna smash them — it's so satisfying, justsmashing the cookies It's almost like you're a kid and you're playing with play-doh

So now we've flattened all of our cookies and we're going to pop this into the fridge for just 15 minutes, Oh, and if you haven't preheated your oven, now would be a good time to do that You're going to preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius or 355 Fahrenheit Okay so we've just removed the cookies from the fridge where they were for 15 minutes, and now we're going to bake them for about eight to ten minutes I recommend you do eight minutes and then you check and you see if they're golden So let's pop these in the oven

Okay, so the cookies are done, and we're just going to plate them for the final taste They're nicely golden I like to make them a little bit different sizes, because some people like their cookies a little bit more crunchy than others, and if you do slightly different sizes, then everybody can find the cookie of his or her dreams! We're gonna let those cool for a few minutes, and then we're gonna have the final taste Are you ready for the final taste? Sesame cookies okay let's see how I did here Oh my god, these are so good

They're so chewy, they're so nutty Mmm salty but not too much And you saw how many ingredients are in here there's like four Ok, so, I'm gonna eat these and I'll see you next time — No I need to do an outro So guys there you have it! The most easy sesame cookie recipe you could ever imagine

And if I may say so, one of the most absolutely delicious It's so easy, it's so simple, and it's so healthy, rich in calcium and zinc and protein and fiber I mean these are just like health disks So thank you so much for watching — if you enjoyed this recipe, please give it a thumbs up! And definitely make it at home, and tag @veggiemagnifique and we will see you next time — especially if you're subscribed — on Veggie Magnifique TV Bye! Oh my God, these are SO GOOD

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