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Sesame Noodle Recipe : Boiled Broccoli Cooking Utensils



So now I want to show you how I cook the broccoli for the Kung Ma Po Tofu If you have ever eaten in Asian restaurants you know they do a beautiful job with vegetables

They are always crisp and green and delicious but they never seem to want to tell you how they do it I really think that when they had that commercial years ago about the ancient Chinese secret they were really referring to the cooking So I figured out a way to do it that it tastes very much the way it tastes when I eat Ma Po Tofu at PF Changs where it is green, it is still crispy, barely cooked, but doesn't necessarily need a wok or a stir fry method

The reason I do it this way is because when I am making the Kung Ma Po Tofu I am using my wok or my saute pan and I don't have another one and most people probably don't even have one wok I am guessing let alone two So this is a great way to do it for this recipe and it is also a great way in general in my opinion to cook broccoli or any vegetable because it is just so tasty this way So I have boiled up in a soup pot water Now you can certainly salt your water I'm a person that doesn't need or want a lot of salt but a lot of people like to salt their water

If you do, I recommend the best salt money can buy My personal favorite available in all natural food stores is pink Himalayan salt, Celtic sea salt is very good as well as long as it is sea salt it is great Never use the stuff with the little girl in the rain coat, it is sodium chloride and it is really not good for you and it really just doesn't taste as good so if you did want to salt your water use the best I don't salt my water but I fill it up all the way to the top

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