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Welcome to Bachelors cooking Today i will show you how to make Shahi Gatte It's a very famous dish of Rajasthan "Gatte" But we will make in a Royal way I'll tell you which are the ingredients needed for this So lets make "Shahi Gatte" For this first of all we will need 400 gms of Besan After this we will add some salt in it To give a salty taste to Gatte, we are adding this salt in it Little bit of turmeric approximate 1/4th spoon 1 tea spoon Kashmiri Red chilli powder Then we will add some Kasuri Methi It gives a very nice flavor, crush n add it into it And then we will add some extra virgin olive oil, if u don't have olive oil, you can use normal oil also Approximate 1 tea spoon And then mix it well to remove all the lumps of besan After mixing all these we have to make dough of it And we have to make very hard dough So take extra precautions while adding water, if water quantity gets more, the dough will be very soft And we need a hard dough Now we have got a hard dough of besan Because it is a Royal dish, we have to prepare a Royal stuffing for it For this we need 50 gms of paneer And we will add some salt in it And then add some dried Pudina into it Kasuri methi and pudina make a royal flavor And mash it well, don't keep any lumps or else the gatte will get torn off We'll add some more Pudina to add strong flavor So our Minty stuffing is ready, and it has a very strong mint flavor And the richness of Paneer is also there we have to mash it well we should be able to make balls of it to check whether they are stuffed properly and there are no lumps in it

So now we will stuff the gatte's we will start with it by making rolls of these gatte's After this press this rolls with your figures like this to make it flat properly And after it becomes flat, press like this in middle portion Then add the stuffing in the middle portion of this gatte Press it inside and then roll it And your stuffed gatta is ready, keep it in a plate and make another gatta Our stuffed gatta's are ready now Now we have to boil some water in a pan And add a pinch of salt in a boiling water and add 1 tea spoon of oil, this will not let the gatte's to stick with each other And after this with great precaution pick up these stuffed gatte's And put them in this boiling water And to check whether the gatte's are cooked or no, I'll give a trick As soon as the gatte's are cooked they will flout on water Put all the gatte's in this water

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