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Shahi Custard Kheer Recipe in Urdu Hindi with English Subtitles|Easy Cooking Show| شاہی کسٹرڈ کھیر



First time on YouTube I'm sharing this recipe with You I learnt this recipe when I was learning Cooking Today, I am sharing that recipe with you Today, we will make shahi custard kheer welcome to Easy Cooking Show Hope you are liking our recipes If you like our recipes then like, share and Subscribe

You have tried different puddings also tried rice pudding but shahi custard pudding is different from rice pudding Try this recipe and do let us know we start the recipe Ingredients required for making this recipe are custard = 2 full tbsp broken Rice = 2 tbsp Which we soaked half an hour ago Sugar = 5 tbsp you can take according to your taste 5 tbsp is normal in taste crushed coconut, pistachio, almonds according to your taste We cut the almonds in the middle we use this according to the taste half we will use in the milk and half for decoration khoya ( evaporated solid milk ) = 1 cup this is a homemade khoya, we already made its video we will give the link in description Milk = Half Kg Kewra water = 1/4 tsp lets start it we boil the milk after boiling milk, we put the broken rice in it broken rice which we soaked in the water, we add in it We will filter the water and add only rice we will cook this for 15 minutes on low flame and stir it after every 5 minutes we put on low heat so that the rice is cooked we will cook it for 15 minutes apporx passed 15 minutes, rice is cooked Now we will put sugar in it added sugar we will cook further for 4 minutes we cooked it for 4 minutes Dissolve the custard powder in a little water you can use water or milk we are using water Now we add custard slowly slowly and stir it continuously while adding custard to avoid lumps cook it for 5 minutes on high flame The custard is starting to thicken This custard has thickened now we close the stove Let it cool for 5 minutes and then we will grind it in the juicer after 5 minutes custard has cooled, so put it in a juicer and grind it we forgot to grind the rice that's why we we grind the rice with custard you can grind the broken rice after soaking it for 30 minutes so it would be easier for you there is no difference in taste, whether you grind it earlier or later with custard if you grinded the broken rice earlier then there is no need to grind the custard we have grinded so we put the custard in the pot and cook it for 5 minutes on high flame The custard has thickened so we add half quantity of almond, pistachio and copra in it copra pistachio and almond added in it Now we are putting khoya (evaporated solid milk ) adding half of the quantity after 1 minute of adding khoya, we close the stove We have turned off the stove add 1/4 tsp kewara Now cool it and put it in a serving bowl Now we show shahi custard kheer in a serving bowl We are serving it in a clay bowl you can serve it in any pot but it looks great in clay bowl shahi custard kheer (pudding) is served in a clay bowl we add khoya, almond, pistachio We will decorate it with silver foil shahi custard kheer is ready hope you like the recipe if you like the recipe then then like the video and share it and tell us how much you like this unique recipe I don't think you tried this recipe before Try this recipe and do let us know how much you like it Will be back soon with the new recipe

Allah Hafiz!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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