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Shikanji|Shikanji Nimbu Pani|Nimbu Shikanji|Lemonade|Masala Shikanji Recipe By Student Cooking.



Assalam u Alaikum Welcome to student cooking

Today we are making Shikanji Recipe Notedown the ingredients of shikanjiFRESH LEMON JUICE = 1/2 CUP FRESH MINT LEAVES = 15 – 20

WATER = 1 JUG TANG LEMON = 3 TBSP SUGAR = 1/2 CUP OR TO TASTE CHAI SEEDS (TUKH MALANGA) = 4 TBSP (soaked into the water for about 15 – 20 minutes )CRUSHED BLACK PEPPER = 1/2 TSP OR TO TASTE BLACK SALT = 1/2 TSP OR TO TASTE Lets start today's recipe with BISMILLAH HIR RAHMAN NIR RAHEEM In grinder jug , add lemon juice , sugar ,tang lemon , mint leaves and water And blend it until well combined Now shikanji is ready,put some ice cubes , chia seeds into the glasses then pour shikanji into the serving glasses and sprinkle black pepper and black salt

now shikanji is ready to serve Try this recipe in your iftar and share your feedback in comment section And don't forget to like, share , comments and subscribe to my youtube channel student cooking Remember me in your prayer ,take care , ALLAH HAFIZ

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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