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Silkworm pupa and Sea snails from Korean Convenience Store : How to Cook / Eat? [ENG]



Hi guys, what's up it's me Jay Welcome back to my youtube channel I just stopped by convenience store right in front of my house Look at these These are what I just got from convenience store Sounds very juicy Let me open this up Check this up guys It looks like snail Yes it’s because it’s a snail And silk worm See? lt looks cute I’m going to eat you So today I’m going to show you a recipe for these Firstly I’m going to make kind of cold noodle salad with whelk And a nice soup with this Okay, Here are the ingredients for our delicious salad today Show me! And this is what’s going to make our dressing So the first I’m going to do is cut these all the vegetables into smaller pieces And drain the liquid from the whelk And cut these into bite-sized pieces as well Now I’ll give this stir Combine the sauce ingredients into a bowl Okay and then I’m going to jump over and start boiling noodle And I want to put some salt in the water for flavoring I’m going to grab a little and give it a taste When the noodles are done drain and rinse in the cold water I’m going to place this separately like this Ingredients for the soup are pretty simple So firstly pour the whole can into the pot WOW And when it starts to simmer I’m going to add 1/2 tablespoon of crushed garlic And boil it one or two minutes or more And we are going to put in the rest of ingredients like this And give it a taste, if too salty, add additional water Okay, It’s all done Now it’s time to dig in! I’ll try this first It’s just super chewy But I like the texture This is really good Let's try this one This is a little bit spicy But it’s good I think I really could use beer now I'm going to take a nice big bite Would you like some? Okay guys I think I'm going to share this one with my brother He’s over there staring me eating

Source: Youtube

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