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Simmer Vegan Gluten Rolls/Intestines with chili bean sauce recipe 😋



See below in the description area for ingredients/recipe Cut 400g of gluten roll into pieces Loosen the middle of the gluten pieces Slice 150g of king oyster mushroom cut them into the diamond check pattern Don’t waste the mushroom tops, cut into chunks Remove seeds and cut 50g of red pepper Peel and cut into diagonal strips 50g of celery Deseed and cut into diagonal strips 20g of cayenne chili pepper Add oil to a pot and turn the stove on high until the oil reaches about 180℃/356°F Stick a bamboo chopstick in the oil If there are bubbles around it, the temperature has reached about 180℃/356°F Fry the gluten pieces and mushroom pieces separately until golden brown Drain excess oil Add 20g of sesame oil in a fry pan/wok on high heat Add 30g of chili bean sauce Add 20g of ketchup / tomato sauce and sauté Add 200g of water Add 10g soy sauce, 35g vegetarian oyster sauce, 15g sugar After the sauce boils, add the fried gluten and mushroom pieces Once the sauce thickens, add chili peppers, sweet peppers and celery Stir-fry until ingredients coated and sauce it thickens Vegan Gluten Intestines/Rolls with chili bean sauce

Source: Youtube

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