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Simple Cooking (Beef Miso Soup with Omelette) – Indonesian in Australia



Winter is coming! There's some leftover beef in fridge But we are too lazy to cook something difficult What pair with beef soup? guess some omelette will be nice Let's start cooking

We'll cook simple miso beef soup First, rinse the beef Add ginger to boiling water, it helps tenderise the beef Drop the beef! (yeah) Cut carrot for the omelette Ugh knife Usually, 3 eggs are enough for us Add salt

and pepper mix mix Add the carrot and a little bit of milk MIX AGAIN! Scoop the scum & fat We wanna have a clean taste Set aside the beef and don't throw that broth! Put (too much) oil Add garlic Drop the beef (again yeah!) Pour the broth until it covers the beef Add boiling water Instant miso soup is the best, add when the soup is boiling We don't have seaweed, so we use roasted laver Not ready yet We know it wasn't hot yet but we poured it anyway Say cheese! Do not follow this, use your spatula Success! See how fluffy it is! prettyyyyy The soup and the omelette Thank you for watching! Don't forget to subscribe Stay safe and healthy

Source: Youtube

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