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Smiley Potato – Kids & Bachelors Day Out – 50th Recipe- #stayhome and cook #withme



Hi Friends! Welcome to Pami's Kitchen As we said yesterday, today is our 50th recipe and new segment – Kids & Bachelors Day Out I should not be standing here Abi is today's cook

Take over As it is the 50th episode today and also an intro to a new segment – a recipe with smiles kids will love it and bachelors can try it We are going to prepare Smiley Potato Lets get into the ingredients soon Else, I will forget 🙂 Potato – 3 medium size (Boiled and Pealed) Corn Flour – 2 tbsp Chilly Powder – 1/2tsp Cumin Powder – 1/2tsp Bread Crumbs – 2tbsp Pepper Powder – 1/4tsp Salt to taste Succesfully completed the ingredients Lets get to cooking Abi, what will you to do if you do not have readymade breadcrumbs! Take 2 breads and grind it in a mixie Breadcrumbs ready We have a big thing here

We are going to scrape using this Potatoes can be mashed or scraped Kids, you can mash it or take parents help while scraping I am going to scrape as it looks easy for me We have scraped it now Time to add the other ingredients Cornflour All ingredients can be added Chilly Powder Cumin Powder Pepper Powder Bread Crumbs and salt to taste Knead it well Lets bring it to a roti consistencynot hard nor too soft No need to add any water In case you feel that it is sticky or a bit watery Add cornflour or bread crumbs or both Knead it till we get the consistency We have got the required consistency We are going to spread it now Have painstakingly kneaded the flour We have a marble stone for spreading with a plastic cover on top so that it does not stick pour some oil on top and spread it through Take the dough and make it into a spherical ball Give it a press and put it on the marble for pressing I have already applied oil to the roti press start pressing without applying pressure as in video press it across like this Dont make it too flat press it on the corners where it is thick and form a circle Lets see how to get our emojis ready Take a glass or some thing which is basically round shaped Start pressing as in video to get round shaped cuts We are going to put eyes for the emojis Use anything what is available at home Use your creativity here Lets now make it smile using a spoon First time when we do, it will be like a ghost in a horror movie For purpose of ease, lets put eyes for all emojis Using you creativity, create any emojis This is my first video and there will be flaws You will face it as well Dont worry, whatever shape you make, end result will be good I have made this with tongue out Others laughing and one winking Do any emoji as per your creativity Remove the outside batter to get our smileys out That removed part can be again kneaded and spread to create more smileys It will come out neatly See

we have this much remaining You can repeat the same process using this You can fry it immediately or store in the fridge for later use Place it carefully in the oil Putting it in the oil itself was a scary thing for me 🙂 But still, I am learning Flip it and fry but make sure it does not stick to each other It is ready now Once it is golden colour, you can take it off the oil Our smiley potatoes are ready Lets get to tasting Our Smiley Potatoes ready Lets see who is the scape goat! Naturally you know who! Daddy, taste it My first try in cooking So, I am your scapegoat for the day! It has come out really well Even I did not expect this Though it is his first try, it has come out really well Please do try it at home it will be interesting Give this as a project to the kids

Creating different emojis The feeling of cooking that is a great thing in itself I am going to say Daddy's dialogue today I hope you are enjoying all our videos Kindly subscribe to our channel Like, Comment and Share all our videos Don't forget to click the bell icon Bye

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