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Hi everyone! Welcome to Cooking Up Love, wherel we believe sharing homemade food spreads joy and touches lives We'll teach you how to make delicious food you'll be proud to share with friends and family! Today we're making our smoked baby back ribs recipe and if you've been lucky enough to have had these before you know how delicious they are and today we're sharing both our recipe and techniques we like to give our ribs from Costco where there's always a good selection and they come in a 3-pack for about 35 or 40 dollars I'm using baby back ribs also known as pork loin back ribs and I'm looking for ribs that are nice and meaty with a good amount of marbling each rib rack will have about 12 or 13 ribs and will feed about two to four people this is the final set I chose and yeah you are taking a bit of a gamble because you can really only see the one on top let's open this up and see what we've got the second rack also looks good and they've taken the silver skin off for us which is great if you're rex still have a thin membrane across the back check out the link above to see how to remove it's super easy these are going to be so good and really tender I like to trim up any extra fat and meat flaps along the edges and I'll just use a pair of kitchen shears I also feel along the bones sometimes there are bone fragments left over from the prep so I'll cut those out especially because the kids will be eating these and we don't want them biting off bone chips and I'll also trim off any of the little ribs that have been left hanging on the side okay now a quick mix of the dry rub for the ribs we'll need two tablespoons of chili powder two tablespoons of black pepper 2 tablespoons smoked paprika two tablespoons garlic powder two tablespoons onion powder two tablespoons Cuban two tablespoons brown sugar and two teaspoons of salt makes the spices altogether I've listed the recipe in the description once it's all combined taste the rub and see if it's to your liking this rub has a nice heat to it but it's not too spicy if you're looking for some spice add some more chili powder pepper or cayenne I'm adding a little bit more brown sugar to my rub now I'm adding a layer of yellow mustard the mustard helps the rub stick to the ribs then evenly sprinkle with the rib rub always season both sides liberally including the edges if you love to entertain check out our playlist for potluck favorites and appetizer recipes but just a quick thank you for all of the comments and the likes when you watch and comment on our videos it helps other people find them and we really appreciate your help smoked baby back ribs are easy to prep and get an incredible flavour from the dry rub that also helps form a tasty bark they cook low and slow over charcoal and Hickory for about five hours and that are finished with a barbecue glaze I'll let these sit on the counter and finish coming to room temperature will I get the smoke already after placing the newspaper inside of the chimney starter I fill it with charcoal and light the newspaper through the holes after about 15 minutes they're almost ready today we're using our weber smokey mountain cooker I'm building up the charcoal inside with a bit of a well in the middle which is where I'll dump the hot coals we're going to be using Hickory to smoke the ribs it has a sweet kind of bacony flavor and its really good with pork we don't need much I'm Nestle in three pieces into the charcoal you can see the charcoal near the top is red-hot with some white ash on top carefully pour the hot coals under the pile of unlit charcoal and I'll use a poker to spread the hot coals around and here's a quick look at the water pan which has been covered with foil for easy cleanup places inside of the smoker stack then set the smoker stack in place and fill the water pan cover and wait for the smoker to come to temperature about 250 degrees and when the white smoke on the wood has burned off about 15 minutes the grill grates have been sprayed with olive oil and now I'm adding the ribs bone side down starting with the one on the bottom and then two on top curving them slightly so the rib rocks don't touch the sides checking the temperature the smoker is running a little high so I'll close the vents a little bit to reduce the oxygen getting in and bring the heat down to about 230 now it's time to mix our spray it's a mixture of apple juice and apple cider about a three to one ratio every 30 minutes I'll check the temperature in the smoker and then liberally spray down the ribs with the apple juice mixture every hour and a half I'll rotate the ribs from top to bottom for even cooking we have new videos every week subscribe to bring the Bell so you know when we posted a new one the ribs will cook for about five or six hours or until we feel some flexibility in the center when do we bend them if they don't bend easily the ribs aren't quite ready yet cover and continue to cook until they do to finish slather on your favorite barbecue sauce and then cover the smoker and cook for another 15 to 30 minutes your hungry crowd is going to love these tender finger-licking good ribs it would be hard to resist but the ribs have to rest for about 20 to 30 minutes before we dig in fantastic this is exactly what we're looking for delicious juicy ribs with a thick barbecue glaze and a nice pink smoke ring serve these with extra barbecue sauce and your favorite summer cookout sides try it out let us know how you like them remember to subscribe before you leave so you'll know when we've posted a new recipe thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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