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Smoked Cashew Mozzarella Cheese Recipe – slices and melts vegan cheese



hi i hope you like my recipe for smoked cashew mozzarella cheese that's got the idea from speeking to an artisan Italian vgean and cheese maker he was telling me about his special smoked cheese which I just tried which was amazing but it was made from both tapioca starch and agar gar I got over and I never thought of adding the two together I have in previous recipes used tapioca starch for mozzarella cheese on pizzas and a winger for my pistachio cheese and other cashew cheese's so that was a great idea to add them all together the rest the recipe I'm not copying him at all because he was went through quite a process of I'm setting at someone for 12 hours to dry then steeping it water and dipping in something else and dippin's in water and it was amazing it tasted great but that's totally thing I'd go out for occasionally to treat myself and let someone else do the work as it nest and glow is all about their easy recipes this is much more less than going because it's just one process you mix it together blend it pull it in the pan and then heat it and then it's ready also my recipe is different it was very different in any way but he added potato starch with his recipe which I've never really played with too much but I didn't want to add it here cuz I might don't do alienane everyeryone I'm already adding agar agar or nutritional yeast and tapioca starch I don't really want to add something else in the mix the key to the texture is from the tapioca starch this is a natural starch extract used for hope on pronounce his right from the cassava root vegetable it's nutritionally void there's nothing good in it there's nothing bad and it either there's only a small right here just to the texture I think it's the same ingredient they used those bubbles in bubble tea which I've never had but apparently they're cut off quite a chewy thing that you chew after you having the tea and also I think it's used in lots of desserts to thicken things up and it's something I definitely want to try using a bit more in the future the final cheese this is great because it's a perfect alternative normally it's got that kind of stringy taste to it it's a bit it's a bit stickier and it's not quite same but you get definitely when you're taking anything oh yeah this is quite similar to mozzarella you can tell when I'm cutting it a knife it's not gliding in quite as easing coming as it should do it's sticking a bit too much but it's still great to slice up and having salad with tomato and basil or slice it up and have it on oatcakes I particular like it with my five she don't gaze and I'll pop up the recipe for that there the cashews are great because they give really creamy taste the frill and heart-healthy fats and protein you don't need to soak your cashew nuts you can if you want to if you've got just a normal smoothie band you might need to bit if you just got normal 600 watt blender doesn't even need to be on the main brand ones I've got cheap ones that were like 20 pounds and they can blend cashews that aren't soaked into a really smooth creamy mixture and if you don't use cashew nuts you can use it macadamia nuts instead same process you don't you soak them use exactly the same amount but to make this nut free what I recommend to use is sunflower seeds with sunflower seeds you will want to soak them just so they're easier for your body so yes and their seats you just save them for at least an hour or longer or overnights better and then drain off the water and you'll see start to open up and there'll be a lot easier for your body's charge yes and you won't get digestive issues with if you have quite a lot some classes are great in this and they make it a lot cheaper and I try to limit my cashew nuts because otherwise like to have cashews every single day in every single meal the only slight downside with the sunflower seeds there are a bit gray so it doesn't have that quite that really bright white you've got the cashew nuts well it's white but it's some mixed with the red smoked it's a bright white reddy color so there it is it is a bit grey over sunflower seeds but it still tastes great smoked paprika is what gives this cheese all its smoked flavor what you want to make sure is use a really good quality smoked paprika I think I'm using a Hungarian one here and don't use the spices before you use the smoked paprika and if you've had your paprika for a while and doesn't it taste much sometimes people haven't a cupboard is left over a long time it's just basically dust so you want to make sure you have a good quality smoked paprika that's got lots of flavor and it hasn't gone astray adjust bit and buy some more nutritional yeast or nooch is what gives it the cheesy nutty flavor this is a yeast this is it's all inactive but I think it's left over from the brewing process and it's high in B vitamins so it's good if you're following a plant-based diet and lots of brands have that added b12 and I'd always recommend to get the one with b12 added because even if you're not vegan lots of people are still in the Western world lacking in b12 due to diet lots of the pressure washing when we use lots the microbes that do have naturally of the beat well I'm using a nonstick ceramic frying pan to make this just it's great because it doesn't stick at all and you don't need to add any oil to it it's got a coating which is apparently free of the heavy metals and plastic that's lots of other ones it calls it a healthy coating saucepan because no Lots people concerned lots of the chemicals in normal nonstick and normal nonstick is a bit rubbish it doesn't last long for the starts peeling away then people are eating bits the plastic nonstick now we dip meal they make which I don't think that good for you but I have a quality nonstick ceramic pan which I'm not too sure about maybe it does have some harmful things it's supposed to be an eco healthy coating try not to use it too much but this recipe is perfect because it means it doesn't stick at all to anything and you really want to stir for a couple of minutes until it's all combined into one big ball it doesn't matter too much of a few but bits to catch because it will just be that crispy cashews you don't let it burn at all so you want to have it on a reasonably low heat I was intending so this had lots of little balls to be like how you get mozzarella sometimes but in the end it just it's just much easier just to make one big ball and then plop it into the water where it sets pretty quickly if you you've got ice-cold water can be set in half an hour so you could do lots of the balls if you've made also work great but you probably have to be quite quick with the pattern as soon as you take it off heat roll into balls put it in the water and set I mean it's up to you what you do I quite like just having one big ball not just as easy because it looks great when it's carved up in there's lots of little slices as with all my recipes this is high in natural produce and ingredients so the taste and the texture and everything does vary a lot it's what you will want to do is just taste it you can taste just just a tiny little bit you don't know how to swallow it just before heating it just to make sure it's got the right taste and everything for you if it's not soft enough I had a bit more salt if it's um you want to cheesy a nutty flavor add more nutritional yeast if you want a bit more smoked over add more smoked paprika one thing to mention is as you heat it maybe like 20 percent of the water we lost so will intensify of it so you want to make the flavor if you do address it at all just a bit less than what you want it for and then after you heat it up and we identified and hopefully we how you like it I hope you like this recipe let me know how you get on if you've got any comments and questions drop them down below and I'll get back to you if you did enjoy it please give me a thumbs up and subscribe for more like this it really helps me out and I'll see you soon for more recipes

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