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Welcome back to The Barbecue Lab I'm David Gafford and today we're going to teach you our smoked meatloaf recipe

Smoked meatloaf is a staple here in our house we eat it all the time and I'll tell you we didn't make meatloaf that often in the oven but you put that same type of a meatloaf on the smoker with some barbecue sauce on the outside a little bit of barbecue rub and you've got a guaranteed winner It's become something that we eat all the time it's always in the rotation of meals in our house and we want to share with you our recipe for smoked barbecue meatloaf today Alright, so what we have here is we actually have a pound and a half of ground beef Now this is about your 80/20 fat to protein ratio so about a pound and a half of that and we go with a half a pound of sausage you'll see a lot of recipes that have ground pork but we love the extra flavor that actual sausage comes in with That's just a standard regular sausage nothing super fancy like maple or sage, just a regular good old sausage

We also have a quarter cup of celery, a quarter cup of carrot, a quarter cup of red bell pepper and a quarter cup of onion Now all these are really what we call a petite dice this is a really small dice and the goal is to be able to incorporate those in the meatloaf and have that deliciousness throughout but not get giant chunks of vegetables in each each bite We also have 2 cloves of garlic and then we have what we are going to get into for our wet mixture We're going to take all of these elements and we're going to mix these together Once we mix these together then we're going to add the wet mixture

What we have here for our wet ingredients is our heavy cream and we have 2 eggs We're just going to mix that cream and those eggs together then we're going to incorporate that with all of our other ingredients that we've added so far and create a massive paste out of it and put it all together so it's well incorporated Once that's together we're going to go ahead and add our dry ingredients What we have here is a half a cup of panko breadcrumbs, about a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese, and then we're going to go ahead and move on to barbecue rub Now barbecue rub, we're using about a tablespoon, and this is one of the barbecue rubs that we teach you how to make here on our channel

So if you have a favorite barbecue rub by all means go ahead and use that one, but you could also make this barbecue rub yourself using the stuff that we have on our very channel, and add that into this recipe Also we're going to use a half a teaspoon of pepper and a teaspoon of salt Now, we personally like to make sure that we're using fresh cracked black pepper with each recipe that we use because it has so much more flavor than just what you're going to get out of a jar in the cabinet so that's up to you, but pepper and salt both in this recipe Now once we have the wet ingredients, the dry ingredients and all of the other things that we've added to this point, we're going to create a massive kind of loaf out of this but not until we add our final ingredient which is an eighth of a cup of barbecue sauce Now, I don't know if you have your favorite barbecue sauce that you make at home, but this is one that I think you should try to make

If you look at the links in the description below you'll find that we actually have a link to the video where we teach you how to make this very barbecue sauce It's one that we love to go with our barbecue and smoked meatloaf, and I think you're gonna love it on so many things so give that recipe a try Then we're going to take that, put it in with all of our ingredients and incorporate it together and that's when we're going to go ahead and make our loaf The loaf pan really just serves one purpose and that's to mold the entire thing together so you actually have a "loaf look" to the meatloaf Before we put it in the pan, we're going to spray down this pan with cooking spray but not to put the meatloaf in directly

We want to take some plastic wrap and put it down into the pan so we can get this meatloaf out really really easy Because, if not for the plastic wrap on the bottom of this pan, getting a loaf out and having it stay a loaf is going to be really really difficult But what's lovely is if you put this plastic wrap in first, when it comes time to take the meatloaf out it slides out really, really easy You can put it right onto the rack that we're gonna cook it on All right, we've had this meatloaf in the fridge for at least two hours, and the great thing about this is you didn't want to sit in the fridge for even overnight if you'd like

It's going to come together it's gonna fit this mold really, really well and it's going to be just the perfect shape for us to be able to get out on the smoker Now, we talked about using this plastic wrap on it to be able to get it out of the pan really easily and so let me show you how we're going to do that The idea is we just want to lift it out because there's plastic wrap all around the outside of the meatloaf If we just grab the sides and we try to wiggle here a little bit you can see it's going to start breaking apart from the pan Once it's apart from the pan, you just have to lift it out just like that

and that is how you get a meatloaf out of the pan without it breaking apart Now, the whole thing is we want to get this on to this rack that we're going to use this on in the grill and we've just wrapped a little pork rack here with aluminum foil to make sure that we don't have the meatloaf of dropping through the rack and dropping through the grates So all I'm going to do is, I'm going to free this from the plastic wrap flip it over we're going to have it ready to put on the smoker Now that we have the meatloaf out of the pan and we've actually turned it here onto the rack we're going to cook it on, there's just one last step we want to take before we get it out on the smoker and that is to put some barbecue rub on the outside of the meatloaf Now, you've seen this from quite a few pitmasters on the web

They'll use some kind of a barbecue rub, and we encourage you to use whatever your favorite kind is, but for us it's the rub that we make here at The Barbecue Lab that we teach you how to make on our channel So go check out that recipe video you can make this rub too but we're just going to put a nice even coat on the outside to make sure that this is going to create a lovely little crust while it's on the smoker All right, so the meatloaf's on the grill and we're gonna leave it alone we're not even gonna look at it or touch it for about 45 minutes and the temperature that you're shooting for is right around 275 to 300 degrees and we're to come back in about 45 we'll check on it and show you what it looks like We've had the meatloaf on the smoker here for right around an hour and I want to show you an update and let you know where we are from a temperature perspective, but our grills been hovering between 275 and 300 and so I want to show you what we're looking at here Look at that color that nice mahogany color on the outside stick the thermometer in, we're looking right around 139 and so we've got a little ways to go because we want to shoot for something a little higher than that

So, we're gonna go ahead and leave this on We've probably got another half hour or so look at all that juice it comes flowing out from putting that on there You want to get this thing closed, make sure we keep that smoke inside, make sure we keep the heat inside So at the end of an hour we're sitting right around 135 140 we've got a little ways to go on this check back in a minute

All right we've had the meatloaf on for another 20 minutes it's time to go ahead and check in see what kind of internal temperature we're getting and then it's probably time to go ahead and sauce the outside and let that sauce really glaze and set on the outside let's see what we're working with Oh yeah, look at that juice is starting to run clear on top, and when that juice is running clear says we're actually getting ready to be able to sauce the outside of this go right back in where we were, yep that juice is running clear this thing is ready to sauce This is the barbecue sauce so we can teach you how to make if you're interested in learning how to make this one we've got this recipe on our site, but we're just gonna paint on this barbecue sauce and then we're going to let that caramelize here for a second and once its caramelized, we'll get it off the grill and let it rest All right, so we've let the sauce tack up a little bit on the outside of the meatloaf and we're go ahead and take it off and what we're gonna do is we're going to let it rest for a good 10-15 minutes before we even slice into this thing because we're gonna let the juices resettle and redistribute throughout, but we're going to go ahead and get it off the smoker and get it inside So, we've gotten the meatloaf off of the smoker and now we've let it rest for about 10 to 15 minutes and I've got to tell you it smells so so good in here

I cannot wait to dive into this So, when it comes to slicing a meatloaf we like to use a nice little serrated knife This is a Wustof Grand-Prix series, we really like this one, but we're going to use this to be able to get through get nice clean slices and get them displayed on this plate So, let's go ahead and dive in and see what we're working with So, we've got the meatloaf sliced here and I've got to tell you, there's so much juice running out of this thing, it's a really moist, juicy meatloaf and it's time for me to try a bite

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about this It tastes just like it always does here at the house I love making this recipe and look at this smoke ring we've got a great smoke ring on the outside of this meatloaf It's just something you're not going to get in the oven This smoked meat loaf is something you've got to try at home You can amaze your friends, wow your family, invite the neighbors over, show them that you're the pitmaster of the neighborhood this is an amazing, amazing recipe that I want you to try

now if you liked this Now, if you liked this video and you found this helpful, go ahead and subscribe to the channel, go ahead and click that little bell & be notified whenever we have a new video coming out, and our goal is to put out a new video at least once or twice a week to help you be a better backyard cook Be better at managing your pit fire, being able to manage the meat that you're putting on, season it with better rubs, make better barbecue sauces and all of the things that come with outdoor cooking that's the reason this channel exists and we want to have you join us on it We're so glad that you joined us here and I can't wait to see you next time, on The Barbecue Lab you

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