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Smoked Turkey – How To Brine and Smoke A Whole Turkey – Cooking Turkey Pellet Grill/Smoker



what is up everybody this is lyle with no hippie BBQ whatever you doing in this video is we are going to be doing the best smoked turkey the thing that's going to be a little bit different about this smoked turkey then the majority of my turkeys is that instead of doing my own turkey brine I went to the store and they had this turkey brine on sale for 50% off $899 so about four dollars and fifty cents and it comes with the brining bag so we're going to go ahead and roll with this I did look at the ingredients and it looks like it has all the stuff that you would want and a brine so we're going to roll with this if you're looking to make your own brine what I will do is in the description below I'll leave a guide to what one of my typical brines would look like if you want to come up with your own turkey brine it could be as simple as just salt and water and you can kind of get creative from there well another thing we're going to do this different is we're going to be brining the turkey in buttermilk now this suggestion came from a guy that owns a company called miners mix and they sell a bunch of different excellent seasonings over there I'm gonna leave a link to where you could buy any miners mix products in the description below but you know what I've never brined a turkey in buttermilk so we're gonna go ahead and try that today first thing that we need to do is just go ahead and get our brine mixture into our pot I have about a half a gallon of water in this pot we're gonna go ahead and get this in and I'm gonna give it on the stove bring it to a simmer and let it go for about 15 minutes and we'll pick it up after that turkey brine solution I had on the stove is cooled down now now what we're gonna do is we're going to go ahead and get our turkey into our brining bag which I have in a bucket all right and I'm gonna close this bag up and put some ice over when we're done let's go ahead and add our lucien let me get at the time I don't want this bag to fall down in there all right now we're going to add a gallon so we have a half gallon of that brine solution now we're going to add a full gallon of this buttermilk and I'm very interested to see how this comes out this is the first time that I've ever brined a full turkey with anything like buttermilk okay I'm gonna lift this turkey up just a few times just to kind of get that solution mixed around in here and I'm gonna go ahead and close this bag and I'm gonna put ice on top of this to keep it cool it's gonna have a chance to sit in the garage for 24 hours before we get it out on our smoker like I mentioned earlier the smoker we're going to be using is going to be my Camp Chef woodwind pellet grill if you're looking to see any other smoker smoked turkey recipes I'll put them in the iCard above and description below I have a turkey on the weber smokey mountain have a turkey on the pit barrel cooker have a turkey on the weber kettle grill so i have a few different turkey recipes we are going to be cooking this turkey over 400 degrees if you've seen any of my videos that do believe in high temperature turkeys anyway enough talking we'll pick this up tomorrow so after letting that turkey sit in that buttermilk brine solution for around 24 hours we rinsed it off rinsed everything off Pat it dry and then what I did was I cut off some of the loose skin that was on it and if you're trimming up turkey skin before you cook it leave a little bit of extra on there because it's going to tighten up as it cooks now we're going to go ahead and stuff the turkey what I do is stuff it with anything that you have around the house that happens to be random any vegetables you know like celery apples oranges lemons limes what I have is I have some apples that I have quarter some oranges and then I have a mixture of rosemary sage and oregano we're gonna throw this in and by stuffing the turkey like this it expands the cavity out allows your turkey to cook a little bit more evenly and it's going to pick up a little bit of that essence as well as the turkey cooks okay I'm gonna go ahead and wash my hands then we're gonna go ahead and get this season done is the seasoning what I like to use on the turkeys of that cook is an herb based seasoning what I happened to be using is my go to it's called herb or herb de Provence you could use Italian seasoning or anything along those lines I really try to stick away from anything that has salt in it especially if I brined it because you might be over salting the turkey so first thing I'm gonna do is we're gonna rub it down I'm using a peanut oil since we are going to be smoking this at a high temperature butter or something like that may not be good you want to go up the high temperature type oil to keep it from burning we're just gonna put a nice little coat on it and now let me have it oiled down what we're gonna do is just go ahead and apply our seasoning to it now this oil is going to do a couple of different things it's going to help it get brown and that's gonna help our seasoning to stick to it as far as this turkey goes I don't really see a need to season the bottom of it if you'd like go ahead season the bottom up and this herb is really mainly for appearance more than it is for actual flavor all right that is a done deal so we have the turkey seasoned up I'm gonna go outside and get my camp chef started I'm going to be cooking it directly on this pan since this is a pellet cooker and the heat comes directly up from the bottom I want there be some kind of protection on it we're going to be cooking this anywhere between 400 to 450 degrees just depending on how my smoker performs it is a little bit cold outside so that may have a little bit to do with the temperature they were going to be cooking it anyway I'll meet you outside we are coming up to temp on this word about 330 degrees right now but I'm going to go ahead and throw it on we're probably going to try to stay in that 425 to 435 area during this cook what I will do during this cook is I will monitor it probably about every 45 minutes to make sure it's not getting too Brown since we are cooking at this temperature the legs and the wings tend to start getting a little bit dark so when that happens I'm going to go ahead and foil those up cooking at this temperature this turkey should be done in about 2 and 1/2 hours let's get it in we'll go ahead and check this in 45 minutes see it in we are about 45 minutes in on it I'm looking at these turkey wings and they're starting to get a little bit dark so we're just going to go ahead and wrap these up so I'm going to get both of the wings and then we're going to get these legs as well and what I forgot to do earlier with my temperature probe in so we're gonna go ahead and get that in and if I didn't mention it earlier we're going to be cooking this until we get to about a hundred and seventy degrees typically you take a turkey off around 165 ish somewhere in there but since we're cooking so hot and fast I find that the turkeys always stay moist so that's why I've taken that extra 5 degrees so we're about an hour in on this and it's starting to get a little bit darker so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go ahead and tint this it will start picking up some color even though it's tinted but we don't want this to be overly brown now we're just gonna tint it very loosely so we just hit a 170 degrees and we're only two hours in on this so go ahead and take off this and that does have the color we're looking for I'm gonna go ahead and turn off the smoker bring it inside let it rest for about 10-15 minutes then we'll cut into so that's it that's a done deal took just a little bit over two hours to get this right in 270 degrees go ahead cut into it see what it tastes like as always the breast is my favorite part I'm just gonna kind of come down the side of the breast and then just do a couple slices and that skin is definitely crispy and just gonna come in the side right here here's we're looking like you can see all this steam coming off of it whoo that's hot anyway it looks good let's just jump in taste it all right looks good to me let's get in see what's up just to touch a smoke just write them out I give you speak on this or pecan have you gone for How To smoke a whole turkey telling you I could get into this as a matter fact I think my wife has some what are you making she's gonna be making some some kind of a smoked turkey taco out of this I think the smoked flavors gonna go great with that anyway I like thank you guys for stopping my no hippie BBQ

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